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City of Munich and BMW Group dedicate to innovative emission-free mobility: SHARE NOW doubles electric swift size

Munich, 3 Sep 2019: The Department of Health
and Environment of a City of Munich (LHM), a BMW Group and
carsharing provider SHARE NOW are fasten army to foster innovative
mobility in a state capital. Through a Memorandum of Understanding
released on 3 Sep in Munich, LHM and a BMW Group are set to
enhance their cooperation. Carsharing provider SHARE NOW, that was
shaped in early 2019 as partial of a corner try between a BMW
Group and Daimler AG, will enhance a electric swift significantly
underneath a agreement: As a result, a sum of 200 BMW i3s will be
accessible to SHARE NOW business on Munich roads by a finish of a year.

These measures are designed to speed adult a transition to sustainable
mobility already underway in an bid to urge a atmosphere conditions in
Munich. On seductiveness of a City, a open works department, Stadtwerke
München, will implement a sum of 550 charging posts, with 1,100
charging points, on open land by 2020. There are now 460
charging posts with 920 charging points opposite a city. Up to 1,655
some-more charging points will be set adult in residential buildings, on
blurb land and in open automobile parks by a finish of 2020. Up to 400
additional charging points will be commissioned on open land by private providers.


City of Munich and BMW Group set march for a mobility of
a future

According to a Environmental Officer for a City of Munich,
Stephanie Jacobs:

“Electromobility is pivotal to a transition to sustainable
mobility in a city. For atmosphere wickedness control, health and climate
protection, vehicles in a city contingency be emission-free wherever
possible. This is a usually approach we can accommodate a objectives of air
wickedness control and meridian neutrality. In parallel, a transition
to tolerable mobility contingency also embody appealing pity options
for electric vehicles, as good as large enlargement of public
transport. This is a usually approach we can revoke a need to possess a
automobile with potentially high emissions and still safety individual
mobility. My sign has always been not to work with bans and
prohibitions, though to emanate appealing incentives for people to change
their behaviour. That is because we as a state collateral are deliberately
seeking to foster locally emission-free electromobility.”


Peter Schwarzenbauer, member of a Board of Management of BMW AG,
Transformation, Electromobility: “Electrification of vehicles is
an critical vital design for a BMW Group. For this reason,
a BMW Group will move a sum of 25 electrified models onto the
marketplace by 2023 – dual years progressing than creatively planned. We see
ourselves as partial of a resolution to a hurdles confronting cities.
Collaborations such as this with a Department of Health and
Environment of a City of Munich are therefore of strategic
significance to us. Doubling a stretch of a electric SHARE NOW swift by
a finish of a year is usually a initial step. We are prepared to take
serve stairs with LHM.”

SHARE NOW electric swift to some-more than double

On a basement of this partnership, carsharing provider SHARE NOW will
boost a stream electric swift of 85 BMW i3s in Munich to 200 by
a finish of a year – some-more than doubling a stretch of a company’s
electric swift in a Bavarian capital. The new vehicles will be
gradually introduced to a Munich fleet. At a same time, a 85 BMW
i3s used to date will also be transposed by vehicles of a latest
generation, with a operation of adult to 260 kilometres.

“SHARE NOW sees itself as a colonize of electromobility. Our goal
is for a entertain of a carsharing swift in Europe to be electric by
a finish of a year – we are already during 20 percent. Our collaboration
with a City of Munich is a certain instance of what is probable when
businesses and municipalities lift together and delineate ambitious
goals,” says SHARE NOW CEO Olivier Reppert.

Munich users won over by electromobility

More than 100,000 business in a Bavarian collateral have already
gifted an electric car. A patron consult carried out by the
association in 2018 spotlighted a Munich population’s seductiveness in
electromobility: It found that 79 percent of all users surveyed would
select an electric automobile over a automobile with a explosion engine if they
were a same stretch away. The clever direct for electric car
pity is also reflected in a 1.5 million kilometres driven by
SHARE NOW electric cars in Munich final year alone.


In box of queries, greatfully contact:

Milena Pighi, Spokesperson BMW Group Sustainability Communications,
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Telefon: +49 (0)89 382 66563 


Edith Petry, City of Munich, Spokesperson Department of Health and Environment

[email protected]
+49 (0)89 233 47509


Annika Schaich, Spokesperson SHARE NOW,
[email protected],

Mobile: +49 173 23 45 997