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Clarification relocating forward: inner investigations during Volkswagen brand irregularities in CO2 levels


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• Matthias Müller: “Relentless and extensive construction is a usually alternative.”

• Around 800,000 Group vehicles could be influenced

• Initial guess puts mercantile risks during approximately 2 billion euros

The Volkswagen Group is relocating brazen with a construction of a diesel issue: during a march of inner investigations irregularities were found when last form capitulation CO2 levels. Based on benefaction believe around 800,000 vehicles from a Volkswagen Group could be affected. An initial guess puts a mercantile risks during approximately dual billion euros. The Board of Management of Volkswagen AG will immediately start a dialog with a obliged form capitulation agencies per a consequences of these findings. This should lead to a arguable comment of a legal, and a successive mercantile consequences of this not nonetheless entirely explained issue.

Under a ongoing examination of all processes and workflows in tie with diesel engines it was determined that a CO2 levels and so a fuel expenditure total for some models were set too low during a CO2 acceptance process. The infancy of a vehicles endangered have diesel engines.

“From a really start we have pushed tough for a relentless and extensive construction of events. We will stop during zero and nobody. This is a unpleasant process, though it is a usually alternative. For us, a usually thing that depends is a truth. That is a basement for a elemental realignment that Volkswagen needs”, Matthias Müller, CEO of Volkswagen Aktiengesellschaft, said, and added. “The Board of Management of Volkswagen AG deeply regrets this conditions and wishes to underscore a integrity to evenly continue along a benefaction trail of construction and transparency.”

In team-work with a obliged authorities, Volkswagen will do all in a energy to explain a serve march of movement as fast as probable and safeguard a scold CO2 sequence for a vehicles affected.

The reserve of a vehicles is in no approach compromised. A arguable comment of a scale of these irregularities is not nonetheless possible. An initial guess puts a mercantile risks during approximately dual billion euros.