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CNIM Decides on MAN Diesel & Turbo Technology for Wilton 11 Waste-to-Energy Plant

MAN Diesel  Turbo reserve a steam-turbine generator set for a Wilton 11 waste-to-energy plant in a UK.“When faced with a plea of building one of a largest waste-to-energy plants in a story to date, a French patron – CNIM – contacted us during an early stage. Thanks to an glorious cooperation, MAN upheld CNIM in a growth of various, optimal solutions for turbine-generator sets and finally won a contract,” pronounced Holger Kube, Head of Sales – Steam Turbines – MAN Diesel Turbo, Oberhausen.

CNIM’S Environment Division, formed in Vélizy in south-western Paris, is ubiquitous executive (EPC) for a Wilton 11 project. CNIM has profitable knowledge from prior projects involving MAN Diesel Turbo steam turbines. “MAN Diesel Turbo has brought a comprehensive, technical cunning to a plan and is a partner that we know we can rest on,” settled Olivier Serres, Steam Turbine Condenser Purchaser during CNIM.

In further to provision a turbine, a agreement also includes a generator, condenser, lube-oil complement and a finish instrumentation-and-control technology. Mark Renner, MAN’s Project Manager for this vicious order, said: “Because of a time-critical construction process, it is required to implement a steam-turbine generator set in a appurtenance residence during an early stage. We rarely conclude that CNIM, in approval of a qualities, has entrusted us with a vicious charge of handling a smoothness and commissioning of a MAN-supplied apparatus on-site. It is usually by successfully handling these initial stairs that successive construction activities can hang to their timeline.” 

All required preparations for building adult a turbogenerator, such as grouping materials, have already been done by MAN Diesel Turbo in Oberhausen. The aim is to finish and boat a 185-metric tons steam turbine in a open of 2015.

The end-customer and operator, SITA Sembcorp UK, will dispose adult to 60 metric tons of rubbish per hour on dual incineration lines. The generated feverishness will furnish live steam, that will afterwards enhance in a steam turbine to expostulate a joined electrical generator and beget electricity. The steam turbine is versed with one tranquil descent and several bleeds, that will be used to feed a industrial complex’s process-steam network. 

“This plant judgment requires, operations-wise, a rarely stretchable steam turbine,” explained Kube. “This is what we accordingly have designed so that it can work over a really far-reaching operation of operating-load points and is also suitable for island-mode operation.” Island mode occurs when a plant is means to supply a industrial formidable with electricity to accommodate a possess mandate in a eventuality of a energy outage from a internal grid. 

With this latest agreement from CNIM, MAN Diesel Turbo is once again environment a benchmark in a industrial and decentralized power-generation sector. “Our orders over a past few months uncover how flexibly a steam turbines can be employed, even for a many different of applications – trimming from a 125-MW Shams 1 solar thermal-power plant in Abu Dhabi, to a waste-heat generator firm for a Finnfjord AS smelting works in Norway, and all a approach to a Wilton 11 plan now underway in a UK,” reflected Holger Kube.

He concluded: “The Wilton 11 sequence is a judicious prolongation of a steam-turbine references to waste-to-energy plants given all new European projects involving vast steam turbines have been awarded to us.” These embody new-builds in Bremen (50 MW), Turin (66 MW) and London Belvedere (80 MW).

  Ole Hansen, Vice President Steam Turbines during MAN Diesel Turbo, added: “We are gay that a products have been so successful and have proven their value in a fiercely rival marketplace of highly-efficient industrial-power generation. This underlines a competitiveness of a judgment of installing a modular complement with intensely well-referenced components as a basement for tailor-made patron solutions.”