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“come with me” celebrates 10-year anniversary during Audi

“We are always happy to give immature people a glance behind a scenes during Audi and, in doing so, to assistance them make career choices,” pronounced Dieter Omert, Head of Vocational Training and Specialist Competence Development during AUDI AG. Together with bayme vbm CEO Bertram Brossardt, he welcomed a countless guest and team-work partners during a domicile in Ingolstadt. The vehicle manufacturer has been concerned in a come with me plan given a 2008/09 propagandize year in sequence to get immature people in fifth class and adult meddlesome in technical careers. Audi’s informal partner schools are a Maria-Ward-Realschule Eichstätt, a Freiherr-von-Ickstatt-Realschule Ingolstadt, a Sir-William-Herrschel-Mittelschule Ingolstadt and a Maria-Ward-Realschule Neuburg. On each plan day, one thing is a undisputed focal point: exam yourself. bayme vbm CEO Brossardt emphasized: “This plan has authorised us to give propagandize students career-related information initial palm and so appeal seductiveness in training in a M+E industry. The participating companies so make a poignant grant to a career course phase.”

“Vorsprung durch Bildung” (Advantage by education) – an beginning of a Bavarian economy

In gripping with a thesis of “Interest – Inform – Try it out,” come with me promotes long-term team-work between delegate schools and companies in a steel and electrical attention (M+E industry). The plan is a brainchild of a Bavarian M+E employers, bayme vbm. In this way, they are seeking to minister to ensuring a new era of specialists in commerce and technology. More during

Note to a media:
The come with me anniversary event on Thursday, Oct 10, starts during 1:30 p.m. Location: Audi Bildungszentrum, Hindemithstraße 27, 85057 Ingolstadt, opening A, 2nd floor. Media member are politely invited to attend. We will yield photos – they will be accessible for downloading from about 5 p.m. during