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Comprehensive competition programme for BMW Motorsport Juniors

Munich. The second year of training for a BMW Motorsport
Juniors will be sundry and intensive. Nico Menzel (GER) will compete
in countless domestic and general races in a BMW M6 GT3.
Ricky Collard (GBR) will accumulate profitable knowledge on the
Nürburgring Nordschleife (GER). The new member of a BMW Motorsport
Junior Programme, Mikkel Jensen (DEN), will also contest in a BMW
M6 GT3. He prevailed during a shootout in Miramas (FRA).

A special year with special challenges: While BMW talent promotion
celebrates a 40th anniversary in 2017, a BMW Motorsport
Juniors can demeanour brazen to a deteriorate with copiousness of highlights. In his
second year as a member of a Junior Programme, Nico Menzel will
contest in a Blancpain Endurance Series behind a circle of the
Walkenhorst Motorsport BMW M6 GT3. This also includes a 24-hour race
in Spa-Francorchamps (BEL), where he will applaud his debut. Menzel
will also take partial in a Nürburgring (GER) 24-hour foe for
Walkenhorst Motorsport. In credentials for this, he will contest in
a initial dual races of a VLN Endurance Championship deteriorate in the

“What a good foe schedule,” says Menzel. “I was means to get some
initial knowledge with a BMW M6 GT3 during a finish of final deteriorate and
a start of this one, and now we can frequency wait to contest in both of
a classical 24-hour races and finish a deteriorate in a top-level
Blancpain Endurance Series. Many interjection to BMW Motorsport and
Walkenhorst Motorsport for fixation their trust in me. I’m really
vehement about this challenge.”

Ricky Collard already competed in a Bathurst 12 Hour in February
with Menzel and Jörg Müller (GER), a coach for a BMW Juniors in
GT racing, and a Nürburgring Nordschleife is also set to turn his
second home in 2017. He is regulating a VLN season-opener to advantage his
looseness for a “Green Hell”. He is also scheduled to contest in the
BMW M4 GT4 during a 24-hour foe in May. “I am unequivocally looking brazen to
gaining some-more knowledge on a mythological Nordschleife right during the
start of a season,” says Collard. “I have always dreamed of starting
a 24-hour foe during a Nürburgring.”

The organisation of BMW Juniors is also growing: At a shootout for
intensity new Juniors in Miramas, Mikkel Jensen assured those in
assign of BMW Motorsport so effectively that they are assured enough
to concede him to contest in a BMW M6 GT3 in his initial year as a BMW
Motorsport Junior. In a Blancpain Endurance Series, a 22-year-old
Danish motorist will co-drive with Menzel and a third driver,
Christian Krognes (NOR), during Walkenhorst Motorsport. Jensen won the
ADAC Formel Masters pretension in 2014 and has competed in a Formula 3
European Championship for a final dual years. “I am unapproachable of having
done a jump to a BMW Motorsport Junior Programme,” says Jensen. “I
managed really good with a new BMW M4 GT4 in a shootout. It is
unimaginable to get a possibility to accumulate knowledge in a BMW M6 GT3
right from a start.” In serve to Jensen, other possibilities are
now also in a preference routine for a place in a BMW
Motorsport Junior Programme.

The BMW Motorsport Juniors will not usually be competing in numerous
races in 2017, though will also be actively concerned in growth of
a new BMW M4 GT4. For example, Menzel tested a automobile in Miramas with
Jörg Müller and Dirk Adorf (GER). Collard common pushing duties with
Müller and Jens Klingmann (GER) when a BMW M4 GT4 distinguished its
foe entrance in Jan during a Dubai 24 Hours (UAE).

“The BMW M4 GT4 is a ideal automobile for a BMW Motorsport Juniors, as
it allows them to not usually infer their talent though also rise it
further,” says Adorf, coach for a new Junior year groups. “Every
year, we are tender with only how fast a immature drivers get
used to a foe cars. Seeing how they make a step adult to a BMW M6
GT3 only confirms a good work that we do in talent promotion.”

The BMW Motorsport Junior Programme was restructured in 2014 and BMW
talent graduation went behind to a roots in GT and furloughed automobile sport.
The multi-level judgment now ensures that a BMW Motorsport Juniors
learn all they need for a tip categories in GT racing. The BMW
Motorsport Junior Programme runs for several years and has the
long-term idea of training drivers for foe in GT and touring
automobile sport, so that BMW Motorsport can call on general drivers
with a advantage of in-house girl growth training. Jesse Krohn
proves that this judgment is temperament fruit: In 2014, a initial year of
a new structure, a Finnish motorist was named “BMW Motorsport Junior
of a Year” and is now a tie in a organisation of BMW drivers at
general GT events.