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Concentrated technical imagination – in a Audi A3 e-tron concept

Audi is set to betray an appealing technical investigate a A3 e-tron judgment in Shanghai. The four-seat notchback sedan integrates a full extent of a brands technological imagination from a extended MMI doing system, to a high-end infotainment system, to a drivetrain. And with a dual powerplants and lithium-ion batteries that store adequate appetite to propel a automobile on electric appetite alone for adult to 54 km (34 miles), a plug-in hybrid also delivers high fuel efficiency.

Design and body

The Audi A3 e-tron judgment is a four-seat notchback sedan. It measures 4.44 meters (14.57 ft) prolonged and 1.84 meters (6.04 ft) wide, though only 1.39 meters (4.56 ft) high proportions that underscore a energetic character.

The pattern represents a customary Audi denunciation of sporty elegance. The single-frame grille is integrated into a front end, giving it a sculptured look. Its support is done of CO fiber-reinforced polymer (CFRP), and a transversely mounted, three-dimensional aluminum louvers emanate a visible outcome that emphasizes a showcars width. The headlights combine with a beveled top corners of a single-frame, combining a transition that outlines a starting prove of a prominently accentuated lines of a engine hood.

The headlights paint a new theatre of expansion in LED technology, a groundbreaking creation from Audi. They spin broader as they extend outward, and a line underneath creates them seem to boyant on air. Above a front spoiler is a full-length atmosphere intake, also done of CFRP, framed by a steel clasp. The spoiler facilities a splitter that increases a downforce on a front wheels.

When noticed from a side, too, a A3 e-tron judgment is discernible during initial steer as an Audi with a agreeable proportions, taut, robust surfaces and a low roof architecture with liquid lines issuing into a flat, coupe-like C-pillar. The shoulder area transitions elegantly into a tailgate. Characteristic of Audi design, a hothouse accounts for one-third of a height, while a piece steel creates adult a remaining two-thirds.

Powerfully flared fenders spirit during a appetite of a engine. Two prominently elaborated lines intensify a flank: a undercut hurricane line underneath a window corner and a energetic line above a sills. The extraneous mirrors, done of aluminum and CFRP, are perched atop a window-channel strips. The doorway handles with their brushed-aluminum clasps are recessed flush with a door. When a motorist touches them, they power-extend.

The intelligent interplay between surfaces and lines also defines a tail finish of a A3 e-tron concept. The broad, prosaic tail lights are sculptured and cap in a prove on a inside, and a tailgate bears an superb spoiler edge. The behind apron includes a diffuser insert of CFRP and metal, that in spin surrounds a dual vast tailpipes for a empty system.

Ultra-modern components, pattern methods and fasten techniques keep a physique weight low. One instance of this are a tradition tailored blanks (panels of several thicknesses) in a building area. The doors, engine hood and tailgate are done of aluminum. With a high levels of rigidity, a physique provides a basement for a sedans accurate handling, glorious vibrational comfort and low weight a Audi A3 e-tron judgment tips a beam during only 1,720 kilograms (3,792 lb).


The interior of a showcar is simply proportioned. The prolonged wheelbase measuring 2.63 meters (8.63 ft) a best-in-class figure in a reward compress shred gives behind passengers on a dual particular seats a appreciative volume of knee room. The front foe seats with distinguished side bolsters are slim and elegant.

The cockpit, too, gives an sense of levity and airiness. The plane lines stress a design. The instrument row draws a motorist in customary of Audi. Defined in 3 dimensions, a vast trim frame is done of plain aluminum and includes control functions. The high-quality sound complement in a doors and on a behind shelf has aluminum trim panels. When a audio complement is incited on, they extend a few millimeters, so orchestrating a visible accompaniment to a systems glorious sound.

On a core console, 4 large, turn atmosphere vents echoing a jets pattern locate a eye. The atmosphere upsurge is practiced by pulling and pulling on a core pivot of a vents. The control knobs for a involuntary atmosphere conditioning complement are located in a reduce territory of a core console on a resolutely protruding, dedicated control panel. Visually, they are suggestive of aeroplane turbines.

Behind a compact, flat-bottomed, three-spoke multifunction steering circle is an innovative arrangement judgment that renders a particular pushing states of a hybrid expostulate definite and tangible. The tachometer on a instrument cluster has been transposed by a appetite meter, with a needle that indicates a sum complement outlay on a scale of 0 to 100 percent. A second scale is divided into colored segments. At a glance, a immature and orange segments clearly prove where a A3 e-tron judgment is sketch a appetite from a electric motor, a explosion engine, or a multiple of both. An additional instrument displays a assign turn of a battery.

In between a dual vast turn dials is a large, eight-inch arrangement for a motorist information system. This arrangement and a vast guard of a MMI complement uncover a doing states and appetite flows in a hybrid complement in superb graphics with a three-dimensional effect.

The MMI guard also displays differentiated expenditure and recuperation statistics in simply distinct bar graphs.

The control row for a MMI multimedia complement is located on a core hovel console. The interface on a vast rotary pushbutton facilities another newness a MMI hold touchpad. This new solution, that creates a already indication operation even some-more intuitive, will shortly be introduced in array prolongation during Audi. The ultra-thin MMI guard power-extends upwards out of a instrument panel, another underline taken from a full-size automobile class.

In terms of infotainment, a Audi A3 e-tron judgment shows since a code is heading a competition. A UMTS indication provides full entrance to a Internet, permitting a automobile to collect available services from Google. Thanks to a WLAN hotspot, passengers can roller and send e-mail to their hearts content. Holders for iPads are commissioned on a behind of a front chair backrests.

A classical notchback sedan, a Audi A3 e-tron judgment boasts a vast luggage cell with a volume of 410 liters (14.48 cubic ft) and a low loading lip.


Designed as a plug-in hybrid, a A3 e-tron judgment is propelled by dual appetite units a 155-kW (211-hp) 1.4 TFSI four-cylinder engine with turbocharging and gasoline approach injection and an electric engine with an outlay of 20 kW (27 hp). The complement provides a total outlay of 175 kW (238 hp). Working together, a gasoline engine and electric engine accelerate a notchback to 100 km/h (62.14 mph) in 6.8 seconds, afterwards on to 231 km/h (143.54 mph). A regulated oil pump, a intelligent Audi thermal government system, a start-stop complement and an appetite liberation complement technologies from a brands modular potency height all minister to this high efficiency.

At a heart of a A3 e-tron judgment are a lithium-ion batteries located behind a behind seats. With a assign ability of 12 kWh, they give a notchback a operation of adult to 54 km (34 miles) on electric appetite alone.

The batteries are charged by a customary appetite liberation complement when a automobile is in suit or directly from a domicile appetite hollow when it is parked. This means that in many cases, a automobile is wholly emission-free in city driving.

A compress seven-speed S tronic serves as a delivery for a compress plug-in hybrid. It comprises dual delivery structures, that are operated by dual clutches. Gears are alternately shifted by a dual clutches during lightning speed, comfortably, and but any obvious stop of traction.

The motorist can work a seven-speed S tronic in one involuntary mode and one primer mode, regulating a paddles on a steering circle to change gears manually. Elegant hold control buttons alongside a handrest on a core hovel console are used to name expostulate positions R, N and D. These are backlit in red when it gets dark. Drive position P is automatically intent when a electric parking stop is applied. The launch control complement manages a scurry from a passed stop, furnishing bomb turbo appetite with minimal tire slip.


Derived from a stream RS 3 Sportback, a Audi A3 e-tron concepts framework is entirely able of doing a appetite from a expostulate complement during all times. The four-seater masters any form of bend with speed, fortitude and composure. Its self-steering response stays radically neutral all a approach adult to a lofty doing limits.

The front cessation a MacPherson construction with a apart spindle support has a lane measuring a full 1,572 millimeters (61.89 in). The rack-and-pinion steering is intensely fit since a electromechanical expostulate complement requires no appetite when pushing true ahead.

The four-link behind cessation with a 1,542-millimeter (60.71-in) lane is further bound to a subframe. Its control arms done of high-strength steel capacitate a cessation to catch longitudinal and parallel army separately. The startle absorbers and curl springs are mounted alone from any other.

The Audi expostulate name energetic doing complement gives a motorist 5 modes from that to name a characteristics of a engine, appetite steering and seven-speed S tronic. The modes are comfort, auto, dynamic, particular and efficiency, a final of that is designed for limit economy.

The commanding light-alloy rims magnitude 20 inches in diameter. The tire format is 245/30 during a front and rear. The front stop disks are gripped by four-piston calipers. The ESP stabilization complement has a Sport mode and can be totally deactivated. The parking stop is actuated electromechanically.


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