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“One demeanour was enough, usually one look”, Bernd Lehner remembers a impulse he initial encountered a 1979 Porsche with a particular colour. “The before owners, both of whom were unequivocally elderly, wanted to get absolved of a car.  we found out about it and done an offer right away. That was in 2001, usually as a deutschmark was being transposed by a euro.”

Bernd Lehner can still remember a sum of a purchase: The euro arrived between a time we done a offer and indeed purchased a car. “But we converted it accurately so a squeeze cost was flattering skewed, even after a decimal point,” he smiles. And son Timo smiles along as he is authorised to expostulate “his” Porsche. Finally – after 15 years.

Porsche 911 SC, 2018, Porsche AG

The 911 is in pretentious shape

To know it, we have to go behind in time a little: “Just in time for a millennium we had finished a replacement of a Rechteckkäfer Beetle from 1959. It was a lot of work, yet a outcome was impressive. Robin, my eldest son, wasn’t even during primary propagandize behind then. But we usually knew that he should have a small Wolfsburg-manufactured Beetle for his 18th birthday. And afterwards when a Porsche came into a family, it was transparent that Timo would expostulate it one day.

Timo would spend a initial years in “his” Porsche on a slight behind seat, afterwards as a teen he changed to a newcomer seat. “Now we lay in a front left – and we unequivocally adore it”, says a immature electrical engineering tyro with a grin. His detours into a singular garage that houses a 911 have turn some-more visit in new years. He finally got reason of a pivotal for his lass expostulate on a day of his 18th birthday. “Timo was utterly adamant,” says Bernd Lehner proudly. “It didn’t worry him that a continue wasn’t good final November.” Although he got his pushing looseness aged 17, Timo adhered particularly to a designated date.

Porsche 911 SC, 2018, Porsche AG

The seats are recovered with strange Porsche fabric, nonetheless somewhat darker

The condition of a SC, a “Super Carrera”, is not utterly as modest, as it is still ornate with copiousness of chrome: “When we bought a car, a usually issues were a porous tires and a prolonged overdue oil change. Even a leaking engine was not a drama, even if we did fear a misfortune to start with”, reflects Bernd Lehner. “Luckily it was usually a oil vigour switch that was leaking, that was all.”

Even a “Cashmere Beige” paintwork is still mostly original. “But we repainted a foot lid since it had a lot of badly remade mill chips dating behind to a 80s. And we was means to reinstate a dappled brownish-red interior roof with genuine parts”, muses Lehner. “Dad also had a seats recovered”, interjects Timo. “But with strange Porsche fabric, nonetheless somewhat darker.” None of this detracts from a altogether sense of a sinfully pleasing car. The 911 is in pretentious shape, even yet it took a few years for a special paintwork to benefit recognition. “At initial we mostly got humorous looks, or listened people observant that a colour wouldn’t fit a genuine Porsche. And we had doubts during one indicate too”, admits Bernd Lehner. In a meantime, he has not usually done friends with a paintwork – he unequivocally appreciates and loves it. It is a same for Timo and “his” Porsche.

Porsche 911 SC, 2018, Porsche AG

Bernd and Timo Lehner in a Porsche 911 SC

The send has some-more of an romantic than a professional character. Both a Beetle and a Porsche are still purebred in his father’s name, who drives a dual rear-engined vehicles on arise and is in assign of maintenance. At a same time, a sons use a cars together and barter between them. “They both get on good and share a complacency that these treasures bring”, says Bernd Lehner with delight. “It runs in a family”, he says with a laugh before removing serious. “Nobody lives forever, that is certain. And that’s because we entrusted my boys with a cars from my heart to symbol a start of adulthood,” says Bernd Lehner, as he strokes a chrome on a headlight ring.

Meanwhile, Timo stands subsequent to it, his face roughly as eager as a chrome. He truly appreciates a trust his father has placed in him. He doesn’t have any transport skeleton yet: “We’ll see what comes up. We’ve famous any other a while, a 911 and I. I’m assured we won’t get bored.”

Text initial published in a repository PORSCHE KLASSIK Special “70 Jahre Porsche Sportwagen”.

Text Heiko P. Wacker // Photograph Jan Bürgermeister

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