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Connectivity creates tolerable results: Scania reaches 100,000 connected trucks

Scania reaches 100,000 connected trucksIn Dec Scania granted a 100,000th lorry with activated connectivity, that means that a owners as good as Scania’s workshops accept unchanging updates on a trucks’ performance. This underline is enclosed as customary in many European markets and in a series of vital markets in Asia and Africa. The 100,000th car given it all started in 2011 was delivered to Emil Eggers AG, a haulier that has prolonged been sketch a full advantage of these services.

“This growth has now taken off properly,” says a gratified Mattias Lundholm, conduct of Scania Connected Services and Solutions. “These services have been accessible in a marketplace for a few years now, and we have reached a vicious mass indispensable to precedence a development. Currently 95 percent of a business accept a offer to activate connectivity; a aim of 100 percent is really within reach.”

All Scania business in a markets in doubt are means to bond their vehicles to their possess offices and to Scania’s workshops, by a simple package that is giveaway of charge. Remote Diagnostics and Driver Coaching are by distant a most-used services. When business ask it, Scania’s workshops can entrance and review a truck’s standing with courtesy to a series of parameters that are critical for uptme and operational economy. This allows a haulier association to urge both a utilization rate and a financial situation.

“Driver Coaching is another critical apparatus formed on sustainability principles. It improves a customers’ increase while improving highway safety,” emphasises Mattias Lundholm. “By actively coaching drivers and monitoring their expenditure and how they hoop a car in their daily work, a series of advantages are experienced. These uncover adult on a customers’ bottom lines, and also in a form of reduced apparatus utilisation.”

In further to a simple package, Scania offers a series of services that are unconditionally or partly formed on connectivity. For example, positioning information with visit updates can be displayed on a haulier’s computers; another instance is involuntary government of tachographic data.

“We have glorious knowledge of a opportunities offering by Scania around connectivity,” says Michael Egger, Emil Egger AG. “They are a profitable further to a haulage operation’s other support systems and actively minister to increasing uptime and reduced handling costs. Connected vehicles are some-more efficient. With operations all over Switzerland with a substantial volume of prolonged haulage, it would be improbable for us to omit these opportunities.”