Ford Canada

Creating a Future during Ford’s Research and Innovation Center

You substantially wouldn’t pattern to find futurists operative for a automobile company. But during Ford’s Research and Innovation Center in Dearborn, Michigan, a scientists and engineers are presaging a problems people competence have with their vehicles and creation a record to solve them.

There aren’t any clear balls during a center. As Robert M. Santer, Chief Product Analyst during a core explains, there’s only a Ford group operative tough to pattern vehicles we adore to drive.

Ford does Hollywood: Using suit constraint to urge your drive

At Ford, we’re regulating motion constraint technology like a kind used in cinema such as Polar Express and Avatar. The contrast is finished in a tellurian passenger package simulator (HOPS) lab to find a many gentle approach for drivers to get in and out of a vehicles.


Ford’s chair controls are during a driver’s fingertips

We spend a lot of time in a vehicles, so naturally we wish that time behind a circle to be as gentle as possible.

To make that a existence for drivers, a researchers get friendly in a simulator in Ford’s tellurian appurtenance interface lab. There, scientists are building record that lets we adjust a trust of your chair with a hold of a screen, a click of a button, or a sound of your voice.


Have your clear round handy? Tell us in a comments subsequent what new facilities we consider we competence see in your favourite Ford vehicles in a subsequent 10 years.