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Cultural dusk during Audi: Variety performer Martin von Barabü on change

Changes are a bother for many people; everybody wants confidence and a clarity of direction, quite in times of vital upheavals. The Audi Health dialect has therefore tackled a emanate of change rather differently on Tuesday evening, Feb 18, and invitated a Audi employees to a informative dusk Crazy – vital good with changes.” Variety performer Martin von Barabü showed in a humorous, loose demeanour how a jigsaw nonplus of life with a frequently changing motifs can take place in a reliable, fast framework. The informative dusk is partial of a stream Audi debate “Jeder shawl Psyche. Why not speak about it?”. This debate has been in existence given final year’s World Mental Health Day (October 10). The idea of a debate is to assistance people understanding with a emanate of mental health in a some-more healthy manner. To this end, additional formats are designed for Audi employees in a months to come.

In a conversation, Martin von Barabü took a demeanour during a emanate of “Changes” from opposite perspectives, together with a following experts. Their statements:

  • Ute Heinrich, Audi Occupational Health, plan manager “Jeder shawl Psyche. Why not speak about it?”:The debate has brought about a lot of change – people are anticipating a strength to speak about their mind.”

  • Andreas Schuld, Senior medicine in a Center for Mental Health, Ingolstadt Clinic:
    The universe is relocating faster and faster – how can we find my balance?”

  • Peter Mosch, Chairperson of a General Works Council during AUDI AG and enthusiast of a debate “Jeder shawl Psyche”:
    Many employees are unsettled due to a approaching changes in operative life.

  • Andreas Zelzer, Head of Audi HR Ingolstadt:
    Value a aged – acquire a new.”

  • Andreas Haller, Head of Audi Occupational Health:
    Since some-more and some-more people are enchanting in reduction earthy and some-more mental work, a emanate of mental health in occupational medicine is apropos some-more and some-more important.