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Dakar Rally 2018 – Stage 1: Lima

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Dakar Rally 2018

06 Jan 2018


Dakar Rally 2018

Stage 1: Lima – Pisco


  • All 7 MINI crews finish Dakar opening stage
  • Bryce Menzies leads a initial MINI assign in
    4th position.
  • Joan ‘Nani’ Roma completes a theatre only 15 seconds behind
    Menzies in 5th place



Munich. The initial theatre of a 40th book of
Dakar is finish with all 7 MINI crews completing a 31km
special stage. The #310 MINI John Cooper Works Buggy of Dakar
rookies Bryce Menzies (USA) and Peter Mortensen (USA) was the
fastest MINI in this year’s competition opener, closely followed by the
#302 MINI John Cooper Works Rally of a gifted Joan ‘Nani’
Roma (ESP) and co-driver Alex Haro (ESP).


The crews were happy with a competition start and took advantage of the
hot, sandy turf to settle a good feeling in their vehicles and
prepared themselves for a subsequent severe 13 stages.


For American Bryce Menzies, currently was a realization of a long-held
dream and he was gay to have finished a opening theatre in
4th place, within tighten strech of a leaders. Speaking of
his initial Dakar experience, Menzies said: “To start my initial theatre in
Dakar was unbelievable; it’s been my dream and idea to contest in this
competition so we had a lot of emotions and a lot of nerves, though once we
started going it was a brief 30km. The pushing wasn’t too hard, we had
a lot of marks in front of us and we done one mistake and had to come
behind to a waypoint, though other than that it was excellent and I’m really
looking brazen to theatre 2.


“I’m blown divided with how a automobile handles. The new two-wheel drive
MINI works unequivocally good and we have a lot some-more dune days, that this
automobile works unequivocally good during so . I’m looking brazen to a rest of the
convene and we consider we have a good shot during this. Hopefully, we can stay
in a tip 5 for a initial week and be consistent, that we think
with this automobile we can, and afterwards from there we’ll push.”


Just behind a #310 MINI John Cooper Works Buggy during a theatre finish
was Joan ‘Nani’ Roma and co-pilot Alex Haro in 5th place in
a all-wheel expostulate #302 MINI John Cooper Works Rally. Speaking after
a stage, Roma said: “The theatre was ok, it was unequivocally brief but
intense. It was not critical to win currently though it was formidable to
confirm on environment a scold speed. The track was 100% silt and the
prominence was horrible, though we gathering good and had a unequivocally good
feeling in a car.”


It was a training theatre for Mikko Hirvonen (FIN), who is still
bettering to pushing on sandy terrain, though he and co-driver Andreas
Schulz (DEU) were happy with an 8th place finish in the
#305 MINI John Cooper Works Buggy.


Hirvonen said: “Today’s theatre was ok and we feel happy that we finally
started. Driving in a silt is still a many formidable partial for me
so in a theatre like currently it’s critical for me to find a best approach to
expostulate in a dunes. we am still a bit wavering and braking in areas
where we don’t need to so it’s a bit adult and down and frustrating that I
can’t go as quick as we would like, though a automobile felt good and we consider it
was a flattering good start for us.”


Just behind them in 9th position was a #312 MINI John
Cooper Works Rally of Jakub ‘Kuba’ Przygonski (POL) and Tom Colsoul
(BEL). Przygonski said: “The brief theatre was good after a prologue,
that was utterly wily since there were some unequivocally tough dunes to
pass and a lot of spectators everywhere. The track was utterly difficult
and we had some tiny navigation issues though we finished and, for us,
a competition starts today.”


Boris Garafulic (CHI) and Filipe Palmeiro (POR) led home a final
3 MINI crews, channel a line in 12th place in the
#317 MINI John Cooper Works Rally, forward of Yazeed Al Rajhi (KSA) and
Timo Gottschalk (DEU) in 13th position and Orlando
Terranova (ARG) and Bernardo Graue (ARG) in 14th.


Yazeed Al Rajhi: “It was a good initial theatre though we were concentrating
on anticipating a feeling and not creation mistakes. If we wanted to push
we have to take risks and, for us, we see this is as a prolonged race. The
cart is good though we didn’t try to conflict today. we consider tomorrow we
will try to pull a small bit and urge a position.”


Orlando Terranova: “It was a good theatre to comfortable up, get a feeling
in a automobile and relax. We got absolved of any highlight currently so that we are
prepared for a race.”


Competitors will sojourn in a sandy turf of Pisco for tomorrow’s
theatre 2 of Dakar 2018, greatfully revisit a host’s eventuality home page here for some-more information.


Dakar Rally 2018
: MINI formula after theatre 1












Peter Mortensen


MINI John Cooper Works Buggy

X-raid Team





Joan ‘Nani’

Alex Haro


MINI John Cooper Works Rally

X-raid Team






Andreas Schulz


MINI John Cooper Works Buggy

X-raid Team






Tom Colsoul


MINI John Cooper Works Rally

Orlen Team






Filipe Palmeiro


MINI John Cooper Works Rally

X-raid Team





Yazeed Al

Timo Gottschalk


MINI John Cooper Works Buggy

X-raid Team






Bernardo Graue


MINI John Cooper Works Rally

X-raid Team