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Dakar Rally 2018 – Stage 2: Pisco

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Dakar Rally 2018

07 Jan 2018


Dakar Rally 2018

Stage 2: Pisco – Pisco


  • Extreme dunes and soothing silt infer heavy for Stage 2 competitors.
  • Orlando Terranova completes Stage 2 with fifth place finish.
    Hirvonen takes seventh.
  • Three MINI crews inside altogether tip ten.
  • Bryce Menzies / Pete Mortensen forced to retire from their
    initial ever Dakar.


Munich. Stage 2 of Dakar 2018 finished with churned fortunes for
a MINI Family. The pairing of Orlando

Terranova (ARG) and Bernardo Graue (ARG) in a MINI John Cooper
Works Rally achieved a high with their 5th place finish.
Following adult in 7th place was a MINI John Cooper Works
Buggy of Mikko Hirvonen (FIN) and co-driver Andreas Schulz (DEU).


Despite his hard-earned Stage 2 outcome – and now 6th place
in a altogether standings –  Terranova was not totally satisfied
with how a day’s racing went: “It was a good start to a genuine race
day. We attempted to make a purify theatre though then, 20 kilometres before the
finish of a stage, we make a tiny mistake and mislaid several mins –
I’m not happy about that but, ok, it is a race. The automobile is perfect; on
a earthy tools of a theatre a feel we have is unequivocally good.”


Mikko Hirvonen also paid a cost for a tiny mistake with
navigation, that resulted in losing slight though changed time during
Stage 2. However, his clever execution of both stages to date has
resulted in Hirvonen sitting 7th altogether after dual days of racing.


Hirvonen: It was a formidable start to a competition though I
am happy with a approach it went. we didn’t take any crazy risks because
it is a new automobile and opposite kind of dunes. The automobile was going really
well. There was one waypoint we missed and it took 3 or four
mins to get behind adult a high mountain to it. Other than that it wasn’t
too bad.”


Joan ‘Nani’ Roma (ESP) and co-pilot Alex Haro (ESP) had a very
formidable Stage 2 since of a soothing silt and high dunes that were
encountered. “We approaching it to be hard,” pronounced Roma, “but not to the
turn we had. we pushed tough and we scarcely remove a carp so we had to
stop to repair. It is partial of a diversion – when we play a official
competition it can be so formidable and we need to be unequivocally clever because
it can be dangerous. It is a empathize to remove Bryce after such few
kilometres. It is tough though it is a race!”


Jakub ‘Kuba’ Przygonski (POL) and Tom Colsoul (BEL) finished Stage 2
in 16th place – a good outcome deliberation that co-driver
Colsoul was a plant of serious illness that compulsory clever and
demure pushing by Przygonski to get them to a finish line.


Przygonski: “Today was a unequivocally tough stage; long
tough dunes and a categorical problem we had was Tom was ill – he had big
sickness. Inside a automobile was not so good since we had no suitable
treatment; we had to stop in a dunes and mislaid a small time. The
critical thing now is for Tom to recover, to get him to feel better.
The automobile was unequivocally good with no issues. Not such a good theatre though we
are here and a automobile is ok.”


The biggest startle of a day was a retirement of Dakar first-timers
Bryce Menzies (USA) and Peter Mortensen (USA). After a glorious 4th
place after Stage 1, a organisation of a all-new MINI John Cooper Works
Buggy, unfortunately, became victims of bad fitness that resulted in a crash.


Menzies: “I’m alright. we was some-more disturbed about my
co-driver – he finished adult violation his ankle. We started a day off
using on a grated highway when Pete called out a double caution. I
checked adult and saw it and suspicion it was a smaller strike than it was.
We strike it and unloaded a behind and it went to a front bumper. I
consider we flipped 6 or 7 times. It’s not what we wanted to do for
my initial Dakar. we feel unequivocally bad for a whole group since of all
a work they did to get a automobile here and get behind me. All we can do
now beside work as tough as we can to come behind subsequent year – and come
behind strong.”


There were many racing incidents via Stage 2 and a MINI
crews of

Boris Garafulic (CHI) / Filipe Palmeiro (POR) and Yazeed Al Rajhi
(KSA) and Timo Gottschalk (DEU) were only dual such victims. It appears
that notwithstanding this, all organisation members are in good health and are
approaching to line adult for tomorrow’s Stage 3.


Tomorrow’s Stage 3 of Dakar 2018 consists of 504km distance, Pisco –
San Juan de Marcona. For some-more information  please revisit a host’s
eventuality home page here.


Dakar Rally 2018
: MINI formula after Stage 2












Bernardo Graue


MINI John Cooper Works Rally

X-raid Team







Andreas Schulz


MINI John Cooper Works Buggy

X-raid Team





Joan ‘Nani’

Alex Haro


MINI John Cooper Works Rally

X-raid Team






Tom Colsoul


MINI John Cooper Works Rally

Orlen Team





Yazeed Al

Timo Gottschalk


MINI John Cooper Works Buggy

X-raid Team





Filipe Palmeiro


MINI John Cooper Works Rally

X-raid Team