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Dakar Rally 2018 – Stage 3: Pisco

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Dakar Rally 2018

09 Jan 2018


Dakar Rally 2018

Stage 3: Pisco – San Juan de Marcona


  • Stage 3, Ica Desert, proves to be another severe day
    for all Dakar competitors.
  • Jakub ‘Kuba’ Przygonski
    completes Stage 3 with 9th place result.
  • Garafulic behind adult to gait to finish today’s theatre in 13th.


Munich. Day 3 of Dakar 2018 has once again supposing drama
from nonetheless another tough, formidable special stage. Stage 3 consisted
of 208 relationship kilometres, yet it was a 296km track opposite a Ica
Desert that valid troublesome.


Jakub ‘Kuba’ Przygonski (POL) and Tom Colsoul (BEL) were a initial of
a MINI crews to cranky a Stage 3 finish line. Mindful of the
heavy dried silt and dunes, and Colsoul still recuperating from
yesterday’s sickness, Przygonski and his co-driver pushed tough with
counsel to secure a good 9th place outcome and are now
placed 11th overall.


Przygonski: “Today was utterly tough, not so easy
navigation. Some places it was unequivocally tough to see a dunes because
a object was right during a tip of them and since it was ascending and
downhill it was not easy. We have to be unequivocally focussed since the
turf changes from silt to stones. We had one puncture, that we
altered utterly quickly.”


Boris Garafulic (CHI) and co-driver Filipe Palmeiro (POR) started
Stage 3 in a dynamic mood after yesterday’s occurrence packaged Stage
2, that saw them lapse unequivocally late to a overnight bivouac and a
11-hour necessity to a competition leader. However, currently a MINI John
Cooper Works Rally organisation finished Stage 3 in 13th and this
only goes to uncover how volatile cross-country convene crews unequivocally are.


Garafulic: “It was a good theatre for us. We didn’t
have any problems even yet it was unequivocally perfectionist with a object on
a eyes.”


Completing Stage 2 in 16th place was a organisation of Orlando
Terranova (ARG) and Bernardo Graue (Arg). Despite some issues with
navigation and tyre damage, another unchanging fixation has led to the
span keep a tip 10 fixation in a altogether sequence with
8th place.


Yazeed Al Rajhi (KSA) with co-driver Timo Gottschalk (DEU) were also
victims of an occurrence on a prior day’s Stage 2 and are
desperately perplexing to scratch behind some of a 7 hours they picked up
while stranded in a dunes. Finishing 30th place in Stage
3 saw a span lift behind some positions to leave them 49th overall.


Al Rajhi: “It was a good day even yet we started
in a late position, that meant it was unequivocally dry so we took it easy.
Then we saw Mikko stranded in a dunes so we stayed to assistance him out and
afterwards we finished together.”


Bad fitness also called on a organisation of Mikko Hirvonen (FIN) and Andreas
Schulz (DEU). Hirvonen had started to pull tough and was on march for
another glorious tip 10 theatre result. But mid by a special
theatre Hirvonen strike low silt and became stuck. The outcome of this was
completing a theatre in 39th.


Hirvonen: “We slid laterally into a dune and got stuck
in a sand. We couldn’t pierce forwards, retrograde or laterally and had
to spend time digging to get a gangling wheels underneath a car. We
mislaid a lot of time. It’s a contrition yet that’s how it is.”


The Spanish twin of Joan ‘Nani’ Roma and co-pilot Alex Haro looked to
be certain of a tip 5 finish in Stage 3. Unfortunately, with
approximately one kilometre left of a off-road special stage, Lady
Luck dealt a hard-charging organisation a unequivocally bad palm and they rolled
their MINI John Cooper Works Rally. Even yet a span managed to
finish a special stage, before completing a relationship theatre Roma was
taken to sanatorium for precautionary medical checks. The finish outcome is
a organisation can't now continue Dakar 2018.



Stage 4 will see competitors finish a loop of San Juan de Marcona
– San Juan de Marcona. For some-more information about Dakar 2018, please
revisit a host’s eventuality home page here.



Dakar Rally 2018
: MINI formula after Stage 3












Bernardo Graue


MINI John Cooper Works Rally

X-raid Team







Tom Colsoul


MINI John Cooper Works Rally

Orlen Team






Andreas Schulz


MINI John Cooper Works Buggy

X-raid Team





Yazeed Al

Timo Gottschalk


MINI John Cooper Works Buggy

X-raid Team






Filipe Palmeiro


MINI John Cooper Works Rally

X-raid Team