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Dakar Rally 2019 – Stage 09, Pisco

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Dakar Rally 2019

16 Jan 2019


Dakar Rally 2019

Stage 09, Pisco – Pisco


  • MINI John Cooper Works Rally organisation Joan ‘Nani’ Roma / Alex
    Haro finish Stage 9 in second to say second in a altogether ranking.
  • Five MINI crews finish inside a tip ten.
  • Stéphane Peterhansel retires from Stage 9 due to racing incident.



Munich. The Spanish twin of Joan ‘Nani’ Roma and co-driver Alex
Haro put in another clever opening via Stage 9. From the
start of a penultimate stage, Roma pushed tough in an bid to
revoke a time disproportion to a Dakar 2019 heading automobile before
tomorrow’s final stage. The finish outcome of a 313 km Special Stage
was another glorious second place for a MINI John Cooper Works Rally
organisation and still second in a altogether ranking.


Jakub ‘Kuba’ Przygonski (POL) and co-driver Tom Colsoul (BEL) also
placed good after rebellious a Pisco loop and holding in dunes that had
formerly wrecked many competitors’ chances of completing Dakar 2019.
The MINI John Cooper Works Rally organisation eventually crossed a stage
finish indicate in fourth – a same position they currently lay in the
altogether ranking.


Carlos Sainz (ESP) and co-driver Lucas Cruz (ESP) did not get the
start they wanted today. A problem occurred before a start of the
stage, that meant he missed a allotted start container though did conduct to
get underway as a final car. An glorious expostulate eventually saw the
MINI John Cooper Works organisation finish sixth, though they might be theme to a penalty.


Yazeed Al-Rajhi (KSA) / Timo Gottschalk (GER), also in a MINI John
Cooper Works Rally, were a fourth MINI organisation to finish Stage 9
inside a tip ten. Their eighth in theatre now places them seventh in
a altogether ranking.


Just over 6 mins after and in ninth place was a MINI John Cooper
Works Buggy of Cyril Despres (FRA) and co-driver Jean Paul Cottret
(FRA). A conspicuous outcome in itself, since during approximately 290km
into a theatre – and with a finish indicate scarcely in steer –  the car
flipped on a dune. Time was mislaid in removing it behind on track, which
was hapless since until this occurrence a MINI organisation were classed
as practical theatre leaders in a live theatre ranking.


Boris Garafulic (CHI) and co-driver Filipe Palmeiro (POR) put in a
good competition currently in a dynamic bid to finish Dakar 2019 with a
tip 10 competition position. Today’s fifteenth sees them keep 12th
place overall


The MINI John Cooper Works Buggy organisation of Stéphane Peterhansel and
co-driver David Castera unfortunately had their misfortune day during this
year’s Dakar. After a tough impact during 26km into a stage, co-driver
David Castera complained of serious behind pain, that resulted in
Castera carrying to be ecstatic to sanatorium in Lima for medical
treatment. Stéphane Peterhansel was unscathed in a occurrence and was
means to lapse a automobile to a X-raid use park. The French pairing
starting tomorrow’s final theatre does not demeanour possible.


Nani Roma

“It was a unequivocally tough day again with a lot of stop-starts. We had a
puncture after 38 kilometres, in a center of a sand, we don’t know
why, and we had to stop in a silt to change a wheel. For a rest,
we attempted to combine and not make too many mistakes. It was a
formidable theatre though we have usually one day left to finish a Dakar.


“It’s one of a toughest Dakars we have ever raced and every
kilometre is unequivocally tough, though we’re happy. The mechanics and a team
have worked so good on a car; it’s ideal and we haven’t had any
issues. Tomorrow we need to continue though not pull too tough to finish
a race.”


Jakub Przygonski

“Stage 9 was unequivocally difficult; we consider it was a hardest theatre in
this Dakar since it was roughly 70% dunes where a silt was so soft.
In some places, we couldn’t strech a tip so we had to go behind and try
one some-more time.


“Today, we started with a devise to quarrel since there was usually a
tiny disproportion between a time and Despres. We were fighting until
a finish when unexpected we were stranded and mislaid around 12 minutes. In the
end, we reached a finish and listened that a lot had happened on this
stage. It was not an easy theatre to finish though we did good and tomorrow
we have a final stage.”


Yazeed Al-Rajhi

“Today was good though a theatre was tough and there was difficult
navigation in one area though we didn’t remove a lot of time nonetheless I
consider a lot some-more people did remove time in that area.”


Cyril Despres

“We stopped for Stéphane a few kilometres after a start. we know
that David is a quite tough man so we were a bit fearful when he
was inside a automobile and could not get out. It’s never good to see
somebody like this. So afterwards we kept going, we got good speed and
all was good until 299km – usually 14km from a finish – there was a
waypoint that was not easy to find.


“We incited around to demeanour for a waypoint and then, entrance adult on top
of a dunes, we saw a bike entrance adult so we solemnly put a front of
a automobile into a tiny hole to equivocate an accident. Martin Prokop stopped
to help, so we would like to appreciate him. We kept going though a last
partial was not easy.”


Next competition is Stage 10 (Pisco – Lima) and is a final theatre of Dakar
2019. For some-more information about Dakar, greatfully revisit a host’s event
home page here.


Dakar Rally 2019
: MINI standings after Stage 9















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Tom Colsoul


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Jean Paul Cottret


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Timo Gottschalk


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Filipe Palmeiro


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