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Dare to Dream: Ford Pairings That Will Make You Swoon

The best things in life come in pairs. While we essay to make vehicles that are as versatile as possible, infrequently one automobile won’t perform each driver’s needs. Sometimes what a garage needs is an iconic one-two punch of fun and function. One automobile to work in, one automobile to play in. A weekend soldier and a daily driver. Classic flesh and complicated luxury. Below, we’ve curated some of a favorite automotive pairs.

1) The Dream Team: F-150 Raptor + Shelby GT350

2017 Ford Raptor antecedent and GT350 corresponding pair.

With a hat-tip to Jalopnik, a initial span is a power-by-performance twin that will make any neighbour jealous. For refreshing drives on a open road, a Shelby GT350 will smear a grin on your face with 526 horsepower and 429 lb-ft of torque. But when we come to a finish of a open road, we don’t have to stop there. On a other side of a garage, a Ford F-150 Raptor delivers a ultimate off-road experience. Across deserts or over murky trails, a Raptor will tackle even a biggest off-road challenge.

2) Beauty and a (handsome) Beast: Ford Edge + F-150

2015 Edge and 2015 F150 Pair side-by-side, a ideal multiple of beauty and brauns.

One of Ford’s best pairings is a multiple of dual vehicles designed for a Canadian lifestyle — a Ford F-150 and a Ford Edge. The brutal F-150 is an forlorn compare of application and record — a ’do more, transport more’ automobile of choice. Whether it’s towing snowmobiles, hauling lumber, or removing apparatus on site there’s no improved choice. And while it also moonlights as a family automobile — with a best-in-class reserve record and complicated conveniences — it pairs good with a superb Ford Edge – a automobile designed for regretful date nights and fun family getaways. It is an ideal SUV that exudes interior comfort and style, while featuring accessible modernized tech facilities like a front 180-degree camera with a pop-out washer, and Enhanced Active Park Assist to make perpendicular and together parking stress-free.

3) The Carrier and a Classic: Ford Explorer Platinum + ’67 Fastback

If we are a classical automobile enthusiast, a 1967 GT350 and Ford Explorer Pair is a garage value forgetful about.

You competence remember Eleanor, a ’67 Fastback as Nicolas Cage’s float in a 2000 reconstitute of “Gone in 60 Seconds.” We positively do. The summary of American muscle, this selected beauty will remind we of Ford’s abounding birthright of pristine energy and performance. While it’s a disturb float each time we drive, it might not be your daily driver. Perhaps we can span it with a automobile drizzling with complicated amenities and glorious trustworthiness that can get we to and from work and practice. The Ford Explorer Platinum can turn out your garage easily as a do-it-all bland automobile — with adequate room for a full family, adequate energy to draw during will, drizzling in oppulance features, all with and an EcoBoost engine that creates it fit adequate to be used as a daily commuter.

4) The City Slickers: Ford Escape and Ford Fiesta ST

The 2015 Ford Escape and 2015 Ford Fiesta ST are a ideal span for city dwellers.

For families who live in civic areas, we have hand-picked a span of vehicles that container a lot of flexibility into tight, compress packages. The Fiesta is a city-dweller’s dream — compact, quick and fun — while being ample adequate to absolutely carpool to work or school. Maneuver into and out of parsimonious parking spaces with ease, generally with a accessible Active Park Assist for together spots. And when we need to get divided from a city life for a bit, we have a ideal choice — a Ford Escape. While flexible adequate to navigate city traffic, it is also prepared for highway trips. It combines technology, assertive styling, and glorious fuel economy to offer a energetic pushing knowledge for a whole family.