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Day 6: The central rest day and median indicate of Dakar 2019.

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Dakar Rally 2019

12 Jan 2019


Day 6: The central rest day and median indicate of Dakar 2019.


  • Stéphane Peterhansel and his MINI John Cooper Works Buggy
    keep second place altogether after Stage 5.
  • Six MINI crews finish Stage 5 before Dakar officials stop
    a competition due to serious fog.
  • Five MINI crews inside a tip 10 after initial 5 stages
    of Dakar.
  • Today’s central rest day allows competitors time to
    recharge, simulate and ready for a week ahead.



Munich. At a finish of Stage 5, a median indicate of Dakar

Stéphane Peterhansel (FRA) and co-driver David Castera (FRA)
in a MINI John Cooper Works Buggy finished in fourth to maintain
second place in a altogether rankings. To indeed have completed
Stage 5 was a outcome in itself since usually 19 competitors in the
Auto difficulty crossed a theatre finish indicate before Dakar officials
stopped a competition due to serious fog.


Stage 5 started after an central overnight Marathon eventuality where the
competing crews are distant from their support teams and have to
lift out critical use work to their vehicles yet any
assistance. This means a crews will have not usually endured a full
day’s racing yet a rigours of operative late into a night.


The start of Friday’s Stage 5 was behind due to haze that kept the
reserve helicopters grounded until good prominence over distance
returned. The haze subsided yet returned after in a day and played
massacre with all competitors while pushing opposite bad terrain, which
enclosed a dreaded dust-like silt famous as ‘fesh-fesh’.


Despite problems such as punctures, difficult impacts with rocks and
removing stranded in fesh-fesh, 6 of a MINI crews managed to complete
a theatre before it was stopped. Unfortunately, a MINI John Cooper
Works Rally organisation of Yazeed Al-Rajhi (KSA) and co-pilot Timo Gottschalk
(GER), were one of a many who didn’t finish and now wait official
acknowledgment of final placing.


Today’s rest day couldn’t have come during a improved time. After five
stages of curved terrain, all a MINI crews are recharging their
bodies around appointments with physio specialists and relaxation.
Meanwhile, their vehicles will once again be entirely serviced by
X-raid, MINI Motorsport’s motorsport partner.


Sunday 13th Jan will see Dakar 2019 resume with Stage
6, when a competitors leave today’s amenities in Arequipa to competition to
San Juan de Marcona.


Stéphane Peterhansel

“At a commencement of Stage 5 it was quick with some tools fesh-fesh,
yet it was ok and we managed. Then we had some unequivocally good lane similar
to WRC and it was unequivocally engaging to drive. But afterwards 30 km from the
finish we got stranded on fesh-fesh… fesh-fesh a metre low like we had never
seen before and got stuck. We had to wait until we got assistance from Nani
Roma – yet his assistance we consider it would have been unfit to restart.


“So far, there have been some good and some bad points. The positives
are we are still in second place and David Castera is doing a unequivocally a
good pursuit as co-driver; in 5 days we never remove a tracks. The
disastrous indicate is we make too many mistakes – a second day and
yesterday we got stranded and mislaid a lot of time.”


Nani Roma

“Stage 5 was a tough day, some-more than we expected. On a initial partial of
a theatre we had a large impact in one place and afterwards a large jump, which
gave us a puncture. And after we had another puncture. The second part
was unequivocally crazy since of a conditions. We saw a haze entrance but
it was worse than this morning. The haze was all around with fesh-fesh
for belligerent and we don’t see anything. It creates pushing unequivocally complicated.


“We know how tough it can be in Peru and design a second week to be
harder than a first. Anyway, we are here now and happy for a rest
day even yet so distant it is has not been so perfect.”


Jakub Przygonski

“The final theatre was not so easy since of fog. We had zero
visibility, maybe 10 metres and afterwards nothing. we had to expostulate according
to what Tom was saying from a highway book, that was unequivocally hard
since we could see nothing. We were unequivocally propitious since there were
some unequivocally large drops.


“It has been a unequivocally good week and we are happy that we could fight
with a Dakar legends. Our MINI John Cooper Rally is unequivocally good and
we have had no large issues. Tom and we are auxiliary unequivocally well. We
are a small sleepy yet we have some rest currently and afterwards we start the
second partial full of energy and, for sure, lift some-more and more.”


Cyril Despres

“We started yesterday with good stroke on a beach and with Carlos,
that was utterly nice. But after 100-something kilometre we contingency have
had a stone strike a stop line and we remove braking. We had to stop and
make a repair. But a problem we had with 3 brakes is that when
braking a automobile would slide.


“The automobile has unequivocally good performance; chassis, cessation and engine.
It was not a week approaching of me. Every day we have stories of
problems but… this is Dakar.”


Carlos Sainz

“We were pushing by fesh-fesh and unexpected we couldn’t see
anything. we had to expostulate unequivocally solemnly yet we still managed to get
stuck. It was Ein Kamaz who pulled us out. We had some-more problems during
a neutralization proviso when we wanted to leave a pavement and got
stranded in a low hole. Kamaz had to lift us out again. That was only a
day to forget!”



For some-more information about Dakar 2019, greatfully revisit a host’s event
home page here.



Dakar Rally 2019
: MINI standings after Stage 5













David Castera


MINI John Cooper Works Buggy

X-raid MINI John Cooper Works









John Cooper Works Rally

X-raid MINI John Cooper Works Rally







Tom Colsoul


MINI John Cooper Works Rally

Orlen X-raid Team







Jean Paul Cottret


MINI John Cooper Works Buggy

X-raid MINI John Cooper Works






Filipe Palmeiro


MINI John Cooper Works Rally

X-raid MINI John Cooper Works Rally








John Cooper Works Buggy

X-raid MINI John Cooper Works Team







Timo Gottschalk


MINI John Cooper Works Rally

X-raid MINI John Cooper Works Rally