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Bangkok, a bustling collateral of Thailand and home to around 17 million inhabitants, is a city of contrasts. A city where inexpensive travel food is served alongside Michelin-star restaurants. Where tuk-tuks share roads with oppulance cars. Where complicated condominiums disremember ancient temples.

Those contrasts can be seen on a banks of a Chao Phraya River, where conflicting a storied hotel that once hosted John le Carré, W Somerset Maugham, Joseph Conrad, and Noël Coward, has risen a new oppulance sell and residential growth that is home to a region’s initial Porsche Studio.

In a area famous as Thonburi, where a strange inhabitants of Bangkok initial settled, ICONSIAM is a latest growth in a what is a rebirth of a banks of a Chao Phraya. All along a river, condominiums are being built, boutique hotels are flourishing, and warehouses are being refurbished – repurposed with new sell and dining outlets, attracting a young, hip and civic set.

It is a wise plcae for a opening of a Porsche Studio Bangkok, a seventh such Porsche Studio worldwide. 

If a oppulance mall seems an surprising plcae for a Porsche facility, it is value observant that in Thailand people like to do things differently; that of a 3 existent Porsche showrooms in Bangkok a many sales are now done during the Porsche City Showroom Siam Paragon, located in a oppulance mall in a centre of a city.

Retail Therapy

The Porsche Studio Bangkok concept offers business and fans a new approach of interacting with, and training about Porsche, in a welcoming boutique-like sell space.

Arthur Willmann, Managing Director of Porsche Asia Pacific, said: “Bangkok is one of a many energetic cities in a universe and a hotbed of creativity, that creates it a ideal plcae for a initial Porsche Studio in Southeast Asia. It is a place where customers, enthusiasts and all those who share a same passion for a code and products can meet, sell and correlate with Porsche in a infrequent and innovative environment.” 

Arthur Willmann, Managing Director of Porsche Asia Pacific, Vutthikorn Inthraphuvasak, President, AAS Auto Service Co. Ltd., l-r, Porsche Studio Bangkok, 2019, Porsche AG

Arthur Willmann, Managing Director of Porsche Asia Pacific, and Vutthikorn Inthraphuvasak, President, AAS Auto Service Co. Ltd. (l-r) during a Opening

He added, “At a same time, it is a really open judgment and we are happy to acquire everybody who wants to know some-more about Porsche – be it a products, a abounding story of a code or a really sparkling destiny that is to come. The Porsche Studio is a ideal place for a Porsche village or, as we like to impute to, a Porsche family – and we have no doubt they will feel during home and learn something new, each time they come to visit.”

On attainment visitors are greeted by a runway – a executive theatre with an LED arrangement wall as a backdrop, that can be used as an area to arrangement cars, horde events, and to uncover Porsche stories. With a ability to vaunt 3 vehicles, guest can get tighten to a cars and be guided by professionally lerned Porsche staff. Digital elements and exhibitions concentration on pivotal Porsche themes such as E-Performance and Porsche heritage.

Porsche Studio Bangkok, 2019, Porsche AG

Naturally, Porsche Studio visitors can configure a new Porsche with a assist of digital technologies, and a pleat area with a far-reaching array of samples and colours, including components from Exclusive Manufaktur, Porsche’s in-house seminar specialising in bespoke modifications. Shoppers can also indulge in Tequipment and Porsche Driver’s Selection sell accessible in a Studio. After a day’s selling in a Studio or a mall, a Café area offers a gentle and welcoming place to relax.

Go West

According to Peter Rohwer, Managing Director of AAS Auto Service, a riverside plcae of a Porsche Studio Bangkok was both a vital preference and a cadence of good fortune.  “We are already really well-represented in Bangkok with a stream locations. However, we always preferred to have a participation in Thonburi, a west of a river, to safeguard we have lonesome each area of this vast city to be where business are. Then a primary plcae of ICONSIAM came adult as an opportunity, that propitious into a skeleton perfectly.”

The oppulance mall plcae also reflects a interests of a augmenting series of Porsche business in Thailand. “AAS always put a business first, hence we chose one of Bangkok’s newest and many lush selling malls, ICONSIAM, to be closer to them. We acquire anyone of any age to revisit us, including families and their children – a critical destiny customers,” says Rohwer.