BMW Canada

Designing for tomorrow.

Munich. How will we be changed in a future? BMW Group
Design is already moulding how we will knowledge Sheer Driving
Pleasure in a future. The innovative fields of Autonomous Driving,
Connectivity, Electrification and Services (ACES) will open adult totally
new opportunities and practice – and, during a same time, outrider a
indication change in a automotive industry. The BMW Group views design
as a pivotal to this future: It gives figure to areas of creation and
brings record to life. Design also has a energy to consider beyond
a probable and set desirous developments in motion. The BMW Group
already showed this with a initial BMW X5, that effectively invented
a SUV segment; a iDrive Controller, that is found in virtually
each automobile in one form or another these days, or a BMW i models.
They were all a initial of their kind and done a permanent impression
on a automotive world.


We pattern experiences.

In a future, drivers will be means to select either they wish to be
driven autonomously (in EASE Mode) or expostulate themselves (in BOOST
Mode). EASE and BOOST moments form a basement for a pattern of every
destiny BMW model. In a nutshell, a judgment is: “EASE your Life –
BOOST your Moment.” The EASE and BOOST practice illustrate what BMW
Group Design aspires to and also what destiny products could demeanour like:
The purpose of pattern goes distant over determining figure and form. BMW
Group Design creates experiences. The car is no longer only a
“vehicle”; it can be a place for relaxation, interaction,
party and concentration. At a same time, it can also become
a ultimate pushing machine, enabling business to knowledge new
aspects of pushing dynamics. The automobile will be remade into a new
kind of vital space dedicated to people’s needs and wants. The BMW
Group Design is requesting a ACES fields of creation in all their
opposite forms to emanate this knowledge space.


EASE your Life – BOOST your Moment.

What these practice could demeanour like in a destiny in petrify form
is shown by a dual Vision Vehicles: a BMW Vision iNEXT, denounced in
2018, and a mint BMW Vision M NEXT. Each represents a
prototypical doing of a destiny BMW knowledge worlds of
“EASE” (BMW Vision iNEXT) and “BOOST” (BMW Vision M NEXT). EASE
encompasses all practice that start while a automobile is taking
caring of pushing tasks itself; BOOST, on a other hand, is all about
a ultimate, active pushing experience. In a arriving product
range, BMW Group Design will realize a far-reaching operation of practice where
these dual versions accommodate in a nearby future.