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Designworks Collaborates with The North Face to Imagine New Camper Concept.

LAS VEGAS – Jan 8, 2019 – In Las Vegas today, BMW
Group auxiliary Designworks denounced a new camper judgment and virtual
existence experience, in partnership with The North Face, to suppose the
destiny of insurance from a elements.

The lightweight camper judgment and practical believe were designed
by Designworks to showcase a new fabric creation from The North Face
called FUTURELIGHT™, that uses Nanospinning record to emanate the
world’s many advanced, breathable, waterproof material.

“We sum both earthy and digital worlds to showcase this
material, ensuring a holistic prophesy of a code was clearly
communicated, while giving people a genuine ‘hands-on’ experience,” said
Laura Robin, Designworks LA Studio Director. “Thinking about extreme
opening in new and astonishing ways from a believe of working
opposite mixed industries, helped us to yield consumers with a
singular and never before seen discernment into a really heart of the
element and a pivotal attributes.”

The FUTURELIGHT camper was desirous by a 2008 BMW GINA Light
Visionary Model judgment car.  Like a GINA Concept, a FUTURELIGHT™
Camper is done of a fabric outdoor shell, consisting of a flexible
element stretched over an iconic geodesic architecture to denote the
intensity uses of FUTURELIGHT™ fabric over only apparel.

The insubordinate Nanospinning routine used to emanate FUTURELIGHT™,
has authorised a The North Face designers to supplement atmosphere permeability into
a surface of a fabric for a initial time. The routine creates
nano-sized holes, permitting for implausible porosity while still
progressing sum waterproofness, vouchsafing atmosphere pierce by the
element and yield some-more venting than ever before.

The FUTURELIGHT™ Camper, is on arrangement during a tellurian consumer
wiring tradeshow, by invite-only Jan. 7 – Jan. 11 in Las Vegas.
FUTURELIGHT™ will initial turn accessible to consumers in The North
Face Fall 2019 product line and will be featured opposite a brand’s
apex opening collections.

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About Designworks, a BMW Group
Designworks, a BMW Group Company, is a global
artistic consultancy charity services that encourage creation and
business expansion for companies worldwide.  Using cross-industry
believe and experience, a enlightenment of creation and future-focused
proceed catalyzes a passion for idealist design.

Designworks leverages a energy of BMW Group’s enlightenment of innovation
and slicing corner pattern to allege a goals of a outmost clients,
including John Deere, Virgin Hyperloop One, Siemens, Corsair, HP,
Microsoft, Embraer and Singapore Airlines, while bringing outside
perspectives and impulses to a BMW Group by believe and
believe gained with client engagements.