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Difficult Sunday for a BMW Motorrad WorldSBK Team during prohibited Portimão.

Portimão. This competition Sunday during Portimão (POR) did not pierce the
tip formula a BMW Motorrad WorldSBK Team had hoped for. The FIM
Superbike World Championship (WorldSBK) Superpole competition and the
second categorical competition were reason in unequivocally prohibited conditions. Tom Sykes (GBR)
claimed seventh and ninth positions with his BMW S 1000 RR while
team-mate Markus Reiterberger (GER) crossed a line in
14th and 13th places respectively.


After his illusory opening in Saturday’s Superpole qualifying,
Sykes was starting a morning’s Superpole competition from second on the
grid with his RR. In a early stages of a ten-lap scurry he
confirmed second place though afterwards conceded some positions as a race
went on and finished seventh. Reiterberger started a competition from ninth
place though also mislaid some places and reached a finish in
14th position.


The Superpole competition formula motionless a grid positions for a second
categorical competition in a afternoon. Sykes was starting from seventh and
Reiterberger from twelfth place. In a early laps, Sykes reason seventh
position in a closely fought organisation before dropping behind to tenth for
some time. After 20 laps, he crossed a line in ninth place.
Reiterberger took a checkered dwindle in 13th position. The
deteriorate will resume with turn eleven reason in 3 weeks’ time
(27th to 29th September) during Magny-Cours (FRA).


Quotes after competition dual during Portimão.


Shaun Muir, Team Principal BMW Motorrad WorldSBK
“It was a formidable Superpole race. We started off in a
clever position for Tom and also a good position for Markus though we
couldn’t connect that; we slid behind in a pack. It was difficult
to reason position. The same problem we had in a scurry competition we then
had in a second categorical race. It has been miss of grip, corner grip, and
we unequivocally struggled with both Markus and Tom today. We know that we
need to go and demeanour for a framework balance. For certain we know about
a speed necessity though a large emanate during a impulse is to find more
automatic grip. If we attain in this and find some-more automatic grip,
that will be some-more from a framework and suspension, afterwards we consider we
can make another step forward. But currently in these prohibited conditions and
in a competition condition where we have 20 laps we unequivocally feel a effect
of that. Unfortunately both riders struggled throughout. We could see
that when we do have grip, when we have a subordinate tyre on, Tom is
substantially one of a fastest riders on a grid. This highlights that
if we can deliver some-more hold in competition tyre conditions afterwards we will
have a most improved gait in a race. That is something what we have
schooled again this weekend and we will work tough to urge that for
a subsequent rounds.”


Tom Sykes: “It has been a bit formidable and obviously
in competition conditions we saw that we have some some-more work to do. Today we
had some utterly impassioned competition conditions and as a outcome collected some
good data. In a final competition we done a few changes to a BMW S 1000
RR, that helped us to pierce brazen and a competition itself has given us a
lot of information and a transparent indicate where we are lacking and where to
try and improve. Having pronounced that, we positively have some positives to
take divided from this weekend in terms of lane performance. A big
interjection to a whole of a BMW Motorrad WorldSBK Team; we’ve had quite
an heated few days contrast here a few weeks behind and here during a race
weekend so credit to them, we will keep operative and hopefully get to
where we wish to be in a few weeks’ time during Magny-Cours.”


Markus Reiterberger: “We attempted a small modification
in a comfortable up. It felt certain though we knew that we should not be
fooled given in a cooler mornings a hold is always improved and our
bike works unequivocally good then.
Unfortunately, we onslaught some-more and more
a warmer it gets. We were means to use a soothing tyre in a Superpole
competition though we finished usually 14th so it was not a good
race. For a second race, we done another change and a feeling was
great. The start was good, though maybe we was a bit too discreet in the
initial dual corners and mislaid a few places. But afterwards we was means to set
good path times and keep in hold with a organisation though we only could not
get past Michael Ruben Rinaldi. We are still lacking a bit of
acceleration and power.”