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Double endowment for designers of Audi A6 body

Audi’s designers have been awarded dual desired trophies for a A6’s lightweight-construction body. Franziska Moennig, Chair of a Presiding Committee of a “Automotive Circle International”, congratulated a winning teams during a Audi Forum Neckarsulm on Thursday. The planners and designers had succeeded in significantly shortening a weight of a A6 physique by a use of a steel-aluminum multiple construction and modernized fasten and prolongation techniques.

Audi won initial esteem in a Doors Closures Innovation Award for a pattern and growth of a entirely pulpy aluminum complement doors. These doors are some-more than 20 kilograms lighter than on a prior model. The jury commended how a severe pattern brief had been executed with a multiple of lightweight-construction materials and with a assistance of new exam methods. By requesting make-believe tools, acerbity was increasing even yet reduction element was used.

Instead of a formerly prevalent steel doors, a new A6 has entirely pulpy aluminum complement doors of double-shell construction. Nowadays, automobile doors incorporate not only a doorway close and a electric window mechanism, though also several infotainment complement components.

Second esteem in a EuroCarBody Award also went to Audi. This is a many prestigious general endowment in a physique production sphere. The vital feat of a sedan with a 4 rings was a weight saving of 15 percent compared with a prior version. Aluminum components comment for some-more than 20 percent of a body. The cessation strut mounts in a brazen structure are expel components. Lightweight aluminum profiles were used for a struts in a engine cell and a cranky members behind a bumpers. Materials such as high-end steels play a pivotal purpose in a new Audi A6. For instance, form-hardened steels acquire their impassioned strength as a outcome of a counsel sudden heat change during a dire process. These grades are used in a newcomer cell during a transition with a brazen structure. All appendage tools of a new Audi A6 such as a engine hood, case lid and newcomer doors are done from piece aluminum.

Plant Manager Albrecht Reimold, who collected a awards on interest of a members of a Planning, Design and Production departments, remarked: “The lightweight physique construction judgment for a new A6 Sedan demonstrates a powers of creation and puts us during a really forefront of a margin of competitors.” Audi has already won awards for a car bodies on several occasions: The Audi A8 came initial in a EuroCarBody Award in 2003 and 2010. The Audi TT perceived this eminence in 2006, with a Audi Q5 competition application car following fit in 2008. In 2009 a Audi R8 Spyder was a initial ultra-sporty derivative to benefit a top-three place in a EuroCarBody Award.


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