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Double-digit expansion during BMW, MINI and Rolls-Royce again in June Rolls-Royce sells some-more cars than ever before Positive sales trend continues in Motorcycles segment

BMW Group sell grows 13.1% in initial half year

Double-digit expansion during BMW, MINI and Rolls-Royce again in June
Rolls-Royce sells some-more cars than ever before
Positive sales trend continues in Motorcycles segment

Munich. The BMW Group has finished a initial half-year with estimable expansion in sales. A sum of 696,026 (prev. yr. 615,454) BMW, MINI and Rolls-Royce code automobiles were delivered to business worldwide in a initial 6 months of a year an boost of 13.1%. In June, sales volumes rose 12.2% to 143,157 (prev. yr. 127.556) vehicles. The association done gains in probably all markets during a initial half-year, with sales in China, a American and European markets in sole stating a strongest growth. On a product side, a BMW X1, 5 Series GT and Z4 models, together with a BMW 7 Series, were among a categorical expansion drivers in a initial half of a year. The new BMW 5 Series Sedan also got off to a clever start roughly 25,000 models have already been sole given a European launch in mid-March.

Ian Robertson, member of a Board of Management of BMW AG, obliged for Sales and Marketing: In some cases, a automobile markets are recuperating many faster than expected. We had a successful initial half-year with sell expansion of 13.1%, and were means to say a position as a worlds heading reward manufacturer. Robertson added: We aim to continue this ceiling trend in a second half of a year. Besides a new BMW 5 Series Sedan, a vast array of new models, including a new BMW 5 Series Touring, a new BMW X3 and a MINI Countryman, will assistance us grasp this.

The association reported sales expansion in roughly all regions and all automobile markets in a initial half of a year. In Europe, deliveries increasing 3.9% to strech a sum of 389,601 (prev. yr. 374,923) units. Most of this boost came from high-volume markets such as a UK (73,000 / +20.4%), France (34,235 / +11.6%), Spain (23,426 / +35.9%) and Belgium/Luxemburg (20,474 / +16.5%).
In a neatly disappearing altogether marketplace (-28.7%), a association was means to say new automobile registrations really tighten to final years turn in a largest sales marketplace of Germany, during a sum of 135,421 (prev. yr. 136,769 / -1.0%) BMW and MINI sales, and enhance a marketplace share significantly to 9.2%. However, a BMW code was a usually reward code in Germany to make gains in a initial 6 months. With a sum of 120,262 (prev. yr. 118,960) vehicles sole here, 1.1% some-more new BMW automobiles were purebred than in a same duration final year.
The association also remained on a expansion lane in a strongest trade market: In a US, 121,585 (prev. yr. 114,448) BMW and MINI vehicles 6.2 percent some-more units were delivered to customers. The BMW Group therefore stays a best-selling European reward carmaker in a US market. With 23,331 (prev. yr. 20,849) BMW and MINI deliveries and expansion of 11.9%, Jun was also a strongest month so distant this year in a US.
In Asia, BMW Group volumes climbed 57.5% between Jan and June
(128,483 / prev. yr. 81,586). The Chinese marketplace continued to see unusually energetic growth. With sales of 75,615 vehicles in a initial half of a year (prev. yr. 37,627 / +101.0%), a association some-more than doubled a sell volume here from a same duration final year. The BMW Group also reported clever gains in a other BRIC countries, Brazil (+131.4%), Russia (+24.5%) and India (+25.0%), as good as in a markets of Africa (+26.8%) and Oceania (+13.8%).

BMW code sales rose 14.1% to 585,755 automobiles (prev. yr. 513,591) in a duration underneath review. In June, a code delivered 119,663 (prev. yr. 105,232) vehicles to business worldwide an boost of 13.7%. Growth drivers in a initial half-year were especially a BMW X1, with 46,705 units, and a BMW 5 Series GT, with 11,803 units. Strong gains were also done by vast indication series, such as a BMW 7 Series with 30,711 deliveries (+50.0% / prev. yr. 20,479) and a BMW X5 and X6 models with a sum sum of 68,632 (+7.1% / prev. yr. 64,078) deliveries. The strongest expansion in a initial half of a year was reported by a BMW Z4 Roadster with 14,236 (+74.7% / prev. yr. 8,148) vehicles sold. The BMW 7 Series, a BMW X5/X6 and a BMW Z4 sojourn a tellurian marketplace leaders in their particular segments. Volumes also increasing for what is traditionally BMWs highest-volume series: Overall, a 3 Series done gains of 3.0%, with 199,027 (prev. yr. 193,186) deliveries in a duration between Jan and June. Robertson: This years many critical new indication is a new BMW 5 Series. The new BMW 5 Series Sedan, launched in March, has already found 25,000 customers. In June, we also introduced this indication in a US and a automobile has also been intensely good perceived here.

In a initial half of a year, sales of MINI code automobiles were 7.6% aloft than a same duration final year during 109,301 (prev. yr. 101,534) units. In June, a code sole 23,202 (prev. yr. 22,271 / +4.2%) units worldwide. Robertson: With a further of a new MINI Countryman in a autumn, a MINI family will enhance to embody 4 versions. Together with endless updates to a existent indication range, a initial MINI crossover indication will yield a clever procedure for expansion in a second half of a year. From mid-September onwards, a stream MINI models (MINI, MINI Clubman and MINI Convertible) will also accept renowned pattern modifications, additional engine variants, a totally revised preference of diesel engines and innovative new apparatus options.

Rolls-Royce has never sole as many cars in a half-year duration as this year given a association launched in 2003. With 970 (prev. yr. 329) deliveries so far, expansion in a initial 6 months surged 194.8%. Robertson: Compared with Jun 2009, Rolls-Royce sales some-more than quintupled final month to 292 (prev. yr. 53) deliveries. With this monthly and half-year result, we are good on a approach to assembly a full-year aim of some-more than doubling Rolls-Royces sum sales.

In a initial half-year of 2010, BMW Motorrad sole 57,015 (prev. yr. 46,972) vehicles. This represents a sell expansion of 21.4 % from a initial half of 2009. The certain tellurian trend for BMW Motorrad continued in June. Despite a disastrous trend on a tellurian motorcycle markets, BMW Motorrad was means to sell some-more motorcycles year-on-year for a sixth uninterrupted month. In June, a sum of 11,584 (prev. yr. 9,402 / +23.2%) vehicles were delivered to customers. The bestseller list was surfaced by a vast long-distance enduro, a R 1200 GS, that is a worlds best-selling motorcycle in a shred for vast ability bikes in a 500 cc and class. In a year to a finish of June, no reduction than 6,459 (in Jun 1,223) units of a S 1000 RR, BMW Motorrads initial supersport motorcycle, were delivered to business worldwide earning it second place in a supersport shred among a 1000 cc category competition bikes.
At a record day to benefaction BMWs initial in-line six-cylinder motorcycle engine in early July, a business section supposing a initial glance of a subsequent product offensive. In a future, a engine will energy dual lush new BMW furloughed bikes, a K 1600 GT and a K 1600 GTL, that will be presented to a open in autumn 2010. Both models will be renowned by their innovative technology, higher engine fibre and state-of-the-art fuel consumption.

BMW Group sales in/up to Jun 2010 during a glance

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