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Dr. Hubert Waltl to be new Board of Management Member for Production during AUDI AG

Rupert Stadler, Chairman of a Board of Management of AUDI AG, thanked Dreves for his many years of good work during Audi’s general growth: “In 2014, we will for a initial time furnish some-more automobiles outward Germany than during a categorical plants in Ingolstadt and Neckarsulm. Frank Dreves has played a essential partial in a internationalization, with that we are evenly utilizing marketplace potential.” His achievements embody a introduction of a Audi Production System (APS), that guarantees limit peculiarity and coherence in prolongation also with a fast flourishing indication range.

At a same time, Stadler welcomed his successor: “Like Frank Dreves, Hubert Waltl is also an Audi male by and through. He started his career in 1976 in toolmaking in Ingolstadt, and therefore knows a Audi plants as good as a prolongation sites of a Volkswagen brand.” At Audi, Waltl done a profitable grant to a expansion of a successful toolmaking department. During his time as member of a house of government for prolongation during Volkswagen Cars, Waltl was obliged for a introduction of a modular prolongation complement between 2009 and 2014. He so done a vital grant to a brand’s growth. For example, he was obliged for a formation of a Osnabrück site into Volkswagen’s prolongation network and grown additional general prolongation plants.

Chairman of a General Works Council of AUDI AG Peter Mosch says: “Dr. Waltl is good famous to everybody during Audi. He was a conduct of a toolmaking dialect before he left for Volkswagen. Now we are looking brazen to his return. We are assured that he has a right feel for this association and a employees. Dr. Dreves deserves a thanks. He was always an glorious partner during a discussions and was committed to a interests of a employees.”

Hubert Waltl started an tutelage as a toolmaker after withdrawal school. His initial pursuit was in a toolmaking dialect of AUDI AG. Following an additional march of vocational training as a automatic engineering technician, he hold several government positions in Audi’s toolmaking dialect from 1994 onwards, as good as in a area of prolongation formulation during a plants in Ingolstadt and Neckarsulm. Parallel to his work, Waltl complicated prolongation engineering during Dresden University of Applied Sciences.

As of 2002, he insincere shortcoming for all toolmaking activities during Audi; as of 2007, Waltl was additionally obliged for Group toolmaking as good as automobile physique formulation and toolmaking for a Volkswagen Cars brand. On Oct 1, 2009, he was allocated as a member of a house of government of a Volkswagen Cars code with shortcoming for prolongation and logistics. On Jan 8, 2013, he perceived a doctorate in engineering (Dr. Ing.) from a Faculty of Mechanical Engineering of a Technical University of Chemnitz.

Audi’s vacating Board of Management Member for Production, Frank Dreves, started his career as a machine mechanic. This was followed by studies of automatic engineering during a University of Paderborn. In 2012, Dreves gained a doctorate from a Faculty of Mechanical Engineering of a Technical University of Chemnitz. His career during Audi started in a foundry in 1982, followed by fast swell to group personality in a dialect for prolongation planning. In 1987, he changed to Spain as conduct of prolongation formulation during SEAT. After his lapse in 1992, he had several tasks in prolongation formulation in Ingolstadt. Between 1997 and 2000, he grown a plant in Curitiba, Brazil. Dreves was subsequently Head of Assembly in Ingolstadt, and afterwards took over shortcoming for altogether formulation in 2001. From Oct 2004 until Jan 2007, he was in assign of Audi’s biggest plant in Ingolstadt. Frank Dreves was allocated Member of a Board of Management for Production of AUDI AG on Feb 1, 2007.