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Dream start for World RX Champion Ekström

The start to a season’s initial competition weekend had ups and downs in store for Ekström and his teammates, Toomas Heikkinen (FIN) and Reinis Nitišs (LV). “Saturday was impossibly difficult,” says Ekström. “The continue conditions kept changing – sun, rain, sun, sleet … In rallycross with a many singular races, that’s intensely difficult – during one time we have an advantage and others a disadvantage.” Ekström held a sleet showering in his second competition and during a finish of day one was usually in position eleven of a altogether classification. Heikkinen had improved luck. The Finn did a best pursuit of coping with a fanciful conditions and was heading after day one.

On Sunday, a prerequisites changed. In splendid fever and on a dry track, Ekström was means to entirely use a strengths of his 560-HP Audi S1 EKS RX quattro and during a finish of a 4 subordinate sessions was trailing Timo Scheider in second place. For a semi-finals of a twelve best drivers, Heikkinen (P7) and Nitišs (P10) competent as well. However, both EKS campaigners were separated in a penultimate session. Ekström on a other palm dominated a action, took a tip mark after carrying started from stick position and in a final prevailed with a lights-to-flag feat as well. “All in all, it was a superb weekend,” says Ekström. “I won during Barcelona in 2016, and now we did it again. My whole group did a illusory pursuit and we scored critical points for both classifications.”

EKS will be roving from Barcelona some 1,000 kilometers to Montalegre in Portugal to ready for turn 2 of a World Rallycross Championship on Apr 21–23. Ekström still has a measure to settle with a shortest lane on a calendar. Last year, following a collision in a semi-final, a 38-year-old had to bury his hopes for feat early.