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Driving Miss Fairlady


, TOKYO, Japan

Driving Miss Fairlady

This year’s Tokyo Motor Show has ended. The automobile booths are dismantled, and number-crunchers eye final assemblage of about 842,000 visitors, adult some 50% from 2009 – in 3 reduction days of operation.

Motor shows are all about cars, though a staff that populate, benefaction and foster during a car stands are mostly essential for revelation a association and indication narrative. And by model, we meant a car’s story.

In that vein, we know of few tellurian vestiges of association birthright who take their roles some-more severely than Nissan’s Miss Fairlady(s), who in no approach should be confused with part-time counter talent.

Since their corporate birth scarcely 50 years ago, Miss Fairlady(s) in Japan have been a tack of Nissan by high and low times, adding a apt consumer hold to genius and beauty.

We’ll have a special Heritage Series underline on Miss Fairlady subsequent year, though in a halt greatfully suffer this discerning demeanour during a women operative during a TMS. When we final left a muster during 9:30 p.m. on a day Nissan LEAF won Japan Car of a Year, they were still practicing routines after scarcely 12 hours on a floor. And so it goes.

Dan Sloan
Nissan Global Media Center

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