BMW Canada

Driving pleasure as never seen before: down a Canal Grande in Venice in a new BMW 8 Series Coupe.

Munich/Venice. The new BMW 8 Series Coupe is more
than only a sports car. With this model, BMW gives a oppulance segment
a new identity, creation vehicle dreams come loyal and formulating unique
moments of pleasure. The fantastic TV blurb during a centre of
a marketplace launch debate for a new BMW 8 Series Coupe takes as its
design a romantic impact of a totally new mobility experience
that is realised for a initial time ever. It shows a oppulance sports
vehicle pushing by a chronological centre of Venice. Driving past
pretentious palazzi and underneath a Rialto bridge, a new BMW 8
Series creates a approach along a Canal Grande – a track never before
lonesome by an automobile. For a driver, whose story is told in the
brief film, a childhood dream comes loyal of pushing a vehicle through
Venice; duration viewers are given a whole new viewpoint on the
firth city, featuring moments of pushing pleasure in a form that has
never been seen before.

The film, that is destined by Daniel Wolfe and will be shown in
versions durability 15, 30 and 45 seconds, is about a immature Venetian man
who as a child discovers his adore of automobiles in ubiquitous and BMW in
particular. A indication BMW M1 becomes his favourite toy, and a
boat-builder crony introduces him to a mindfulness of engine
technology. But in a city in that boats are a solitary means of
transport, his romantic for perfect pushing pleasure stays unassuaged,
that is because he leaves Venice as a teenager, not to lapse until many
years later. And now during final his childhood dream comes loyal – in the
new BMW 8 Series Coupe and pushing on pontoons that pave a approach to a
singular vehicle outing by a waterway network of his home city.

The unfolding is mystic of efforts to make a apparently impossible
come loyal and spin long-nurtured dreams into reality. “Our models for
a oppulance opening shred are geared towards a lifestyle of a
aim organisation that dares to try out new things and go over a limits
of feasibility,” ways Uwe Dreher, Director Brand Communication BMW,
BMWi and BMW M. “We offer these people a mobility knowledge that
corresponds to their thought of exclusivity and on-going luxury.”

In sequence to capacitate a fire to take place, a Venice authorities –
for a initial time in a city’s story – released a BMW Group with a
assent to set adult a pontoon structure that would concede an vehicle to
expostulate past a world-famous backdrop of a city’s chronological centre.
Where gondolas, vaporetti and tiny motorboats have been a sole
means of travel for centuries, a new BMW 8 Series Coupe
became a loyal colonize of pushing pleasure – utterly literally striking
out on a new path. The marvellous scenes were partially shot using
camera drones; a commercials will be promote worldwide on selected
TV channels and also online.

The debate for a launch of a new BMW 8 Series Coupe was
grown by a BMW Group in partnership with Serviceplan Campaign
International. It will be corroborated adult by wide-ranging amicable media
activities on outlets such as Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. A
underline with credentials information and impressions of a otherwise
car-free city of Venice as good as a documentary of a film shoot
with a new BMW 8 Series Coupe is also in preparation. “The market
launch debate for a new BMW 8 Series Coupe expresses not only the
particular impression of this indication though also a romantic energy of
a vehicles in a oppulance opening shred and innovative strength
of a BMW brand,” says Kirsty Skinner-Gerth, Head of International
Campaigns, Artwork, Film, Entertainment Marketing.

With a fantastic showcasing of a new BMW 8 Series Coupe against
a chronological backdrop of Venice, BMW provides a particularly
high-visibility delay of a recently instituted debate in the
oppulance opening segment. The models in this shred now bear a
newly designed signet along with a association name Bayerischer Motoren
Werke created out in full. The brand’s strong participation in this
shred is one of a objectives tangible by a BMW Group as partial of
a corporate plan NUMBER ONE NEXT to secure sustainable
expansion in vehicle markets worldwide. In further to exclusive
vehicles and services, BMW is also formulating a universe of knowledge in
a globally expanding oppulance opening segment, going distant beyond
pushing pleasure by providing aim groups with singular and moving moments.