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Dual feat for Volkswagen: Passat Saloon and Golf Sportsvan are named "Most Reasonable Car 2015"


• Special approval for economical, eco-friendly and protected vehicles

• Volkswagen wins in dual of 3 categories

Volkswagen Golf SportsvanThe Passat Saloon and a Golf Sportsvan were voted “Auto der Vernunft” (Most Reasonable Car) by readers of a German magazines SUPERillu and Guter Rat, one of a heading consumer magazines in Germany. The Passat won in a ‘Saloon’ category, and a Golf Sportsvan was winning in a ‘Estate car/MPV’ category.

“The voting readers’ choices of a winning cars are a clever indicator that they compensate courtesy to good fuel economy even in times of reduce fuel prices,” pronounced Robert Schneider, Editor-in-Chief of Guter Rat and SUPERillu magazines, during a endowment presentations currently in Berlin. In addition, automobile buyers consider it is really critical to offer a really extended operation of reserve systems as good as easy interfaces to smartphones in a car’s electrical/electronic system. Schneider continued by observant that a transparent success of Volkswagen was in partial a reverence to a many technical innovations that a Volkswagen Group has modernized in new times, creation them permitted to a extended operation of buyers.

This is already a fifteenth time that SUPERillu, a many widely review newsstand repository in eastern Germany, and Guter Rat have conducted this consult of a “”. The winning vehicles were selected by readers of a dual imitation magazines and by online users. Other Volkswagen models that were named “Most Reasonable Car” in before years enclosed the: Golf (2013), Jetta (2012), Polo (2010), Golf Variant (2008), Touran (2004) and New Beetle Cabrio (2003).