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Duval, Rast, Rockenfeller and Tréluyer: Audi drivers for a “dream race” during Fuji have been confirmed

“Obviously, we’d have elite holding all of a drivers with us to Japan,” says Head of Audi Motorsport Dieter Gass. “However, since of a point Formula E deteriorate opener alone this wasn’t possible. I’m gay that all 3 Audi Sport Teams will be on a grid during Fuji and that a patron group WRT also managed to lift out a joining in Japan.”

Audi Sport Team Rosberg will be fielding an Audi RS 5 DTM for two-time DTM Champion René Rast. “I’ve never been to Japan and am vehement to see what’s available us – that’ll no doubt be a cold event,” says a German who has already attempted out a circuit in a simulator. “The lane during Fuji has a brutally prolonged straight. Especially in a final section, it’s unequivocally technical. All of a cornering radii are unequivocally long. That’s going to be interesting, generally in terms of tire wear.” 

Mike Rockenfeller, a 2013 DTM Champion, for a dual races during Fuji will be returning to Audi Sport Team Abt Sportsline with that he distinguished his initial feat in a DTM during Zandvoort in 2011. “I know many mechanics and engineers of a group unequivocally well,” says a German. “I’m generally looking brazen to racing in Japan. I’ve never finished that before in my career. I’ve listened a lot of good things about a country, a racing array and a fan enlightenment there.” 

Loïc Duval will be competing for Audi Sport Team Phoenix. The Frenchman spent 7 years of his career in Japan, lived in Tokyo, won a Super GT pretension in 2010 and still has many fans in Japan. “I had a illusory time there and am looking brazen to racing in Japan again,” says Duval. “I’m vehement about a possibility of familiarizing ‘Rocky’ and a others a tiny with a enlightenment and a racing there. It’ll also be good to accommodate my fans from a Super GT and a Super Formula again. I’m certain that many people will spin out to see a DTM cars and us drivers. I’m only anticipating for a continue to be on a side – that’s a tiny risk cause during Fuji in November.”