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EcoBoost: Efficiency Without Compromise

If you’re reading this, you’ve substantially listened of a EcoBoost engine. It is offering on a accumulation of 2013 models, including a Escape, Edge, Explorer, Fusion, Focus ST, Flex, Taurus and F-150. We designed this engine to urge fuel economy for drivers, but sacrificing energy or performance.

On a 2013 Escape, a EcoBoost engine gets copiousness of energy out of each dump of fuel with record that helps to furnish a cooler, denser fuel injection charge. The engine uses turbocharging and approach injection to broach copiousness of low-end torque for acceleration and passing.

To assistance we learn some-more about EcoBoost and a capabilities on a 2013 Escape, leader of the AJAC Best New SUV underneath $35,000 award, we’ve come adult with a cold infographic. Shoutout to Column 5 for a art! Let us know if we have any questions about EcoBoost in a comments below!

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