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Effective and individual: a 2019 BMW Motorsport Junior programme.

Munich. The graduation of immature drivers enjoys a prolonged tradition
during BMW Motorsport, dating behind some-more than 40 years. During this time,
a girl programme has unclosed many gifted youngsters who have
left on to make a name for themselves on a engine racing scene. A
slight change to a judgment means that a BMW Motorsport Junior
programme is even some-more fit in 2019. In a future, the
programme will concentration on fewer drivers to make a support they are
charity even some-more effective and tailored to their particular needs.
Beitske Visser (NED) is entering her third year on a programme and
will essentially benefit knowledge in Formula racing. A shoot-out in a
simulator will establish a new member of a BMW Motorsport Junior
programme from a many possibilities for a position. Mikkel Jensen
(DEN) has been promoted to BMW works motorist and will commence a
high-class GT programme.


“Promoting gifted youngsters is, and will remain, one of the
pillars of a motorsport portfolio,” pronounced BMW Motorsport Director
Jens Marquardt. “We are gay that, in Mikkel Jensen, a third BMW
Motorsport Junior has done a step adult into a works programme within
only a few years. This underlines a success of a girl development
and proves how effective it is and what a good springboard it can be.
In a box of Beitske Visser, we see really good prospects in Formula
racing in her third year on a programme, during that she will be
used as exam and haven motorist in Formula E. She is also holding part
in a preference routine for a new W Series. we am also looking
brazen to being means to acquire a new Junior onto a programme in
a nearby future. we am vehement about a initial shoot-out in a race
simulator. We are forging new paths in this courtesy to improved address
a final of complicated engine racing.”


The graduation of immature drivers distinguished a 40th
anniversary in 2017. Back in 1977, BMW Motorsport GmbH launched the
BMW Junior Team, an beginning of handling executive Jochen Neerpasch.
That was a initial time in German automobile racing that a bureau had
fielded a organisation done adult only of immature drivers. Since then, the
shortcoming for compelling gifted youngsters has been firmly
anchored during BMW Motorsport, and a design has not altered in over
40 years: to comprehensively ready immature drivers for a final of
general engine racing and for a probable career as a BMW works driver.


The idea of a concept, that has been tweaked for a coming
season, is to offer any Junior an even some-more appealing programme of
racing and to confederate them even some-more closely in a works and
patron racing programmes. This will yield a best possibility of
building some-more Juniors into BMW works drivers and progressing the
good success rate of new years.


Mikkel Jensen to expostulate a BMW M6 GT3 during countless classics.

Mikkel Jensen is a third former BMW Motorsport Junior to turn a
permanent member of a works programme in 2019, following in the
footsteps of Jesse Krohn (FIN) and Joel Eriksson (SWE). His race
calendar facilities a horde of vital GT races. He will competition a entire
deteriorate in a Intercontinental GT Challenge in a Walkenhorst
Motorsport BMW M6 GT3, alongside BMW works motorist Nick Catsburg (NED)
and Christian Krognes (NOR). Another classical on his report is the
Nürburgring 24 Hours (GER).


Beitske Visser finished her initial exam in a BMW iFE.18 during the
opening turn of a ABB FIA Formula E Championship during a finish of
2018. She will be exam and haven motorist for a whole season.
Visser is also holding partial in a shoot-out for a W Series, the
initial Formula array for women. This season, a races in a W Series
will share a check with a DTM. Following her success in a BMW M4
GT4 final year, she will step adult a category of GT automobile in 2019 and drive
a BMW M6 GT3 during comparison races.


New possibilities to attend simulator shoot-out.

A preference routine to confirm a new member on a BMW Motorsport
Junior programme will be hold in Munich (GER) from 4th to
6th February. A programme of earthy and mental tests, run
by Formula Medicine, will assistance make down a organisation of about 20
possibilities to a adult to 5 many earnest youngsters. They will then
denote their skills in a shoot-out. For a initial time, this
shoot-out will not be hold in a BMW competition car, though in a BMW
Motorsport simulator, so improved addressing a final of modern
engine racing. One new BMW Motorsport Junior will be comparison from the
finalists. As good as mental, aptness and media training, they will
also competition a full deteriorate in a Italian GT Championship in a BMW
M6 GT3 run by BMW Team Italia.


The possibilities for this year’s preference procession embody many young
BMW patron racing drivers who have held a eye with their
considerable performances during a circle of BMW patron racing cars. In
approval of their efforts, BMW Motorsport is charity them the
event to infer themselves and presumably make it onto a BMW
Motorsport Junior programme.


Dirk Adorf has been ancillary a BMW Motorsport Juniors as a mentor
given 2014. Between 2012 and 2014, a BMW works motorist was partly
obliged for a BMW Talent Cup, alongside his competition schedule. Adorf
also enjoys unchanging work as a TV presenter and competition official. “The
graduation of gifted youngsters in motorsport is really tighten to my
heart and we am unapproachable to have been a permanent partial of a BMW
Motorsport Junior programme given it was restructured,” pronounced Adorf. “I
am intensely vehement about a possibilities for a new selection
procedure, as we have participants from all over a world, who are
entrance to Munich to seize their event to explain a place in the
category of 2019. With my possess motorsport background, we am particularly
gratified that we are means to offer a few immature BMW patron racing
drivers a event to uncover what they are able of.”


BMW works motorist Philipp Eng to support with preference procedure.

Alongside Adorf, BMW works motorist Philipp Eng (AUT) will also offer
his appraisal, following complete discussions with a candidates.
Eng arrives in Munich as a newly-crowned leader of a 24 Hours of
Daytona (USA), where he won a GTLM category in a BMW M8 GTE alongside
Augusto Farfus (BRA), Connor De Phillippi (USA) and Colton Herta
(USA). Eng already has already won a 24 Hours of Spa-Francorchamps
(BEL) twice for BMW in a BMW M6 GT3. In 2019, he enters his second
deteriorate as a BMW DTM driver, carrying finished a initial deteriorate as the
year’s tip rookie. Eng is a former BMW Motorsport Junior. He competed
in Formula BMW and won a Formula BMW World Final in Valencia (ESP)
in 2007. In 2017, he enjoyed good success in a ADAC GT Masters
alongside Ricky Collard (GBR), himself a BMW Motorsport Junior during a time.


The following BMW Motorsport Juniors have done a step adult to
BMW works motorist in new years:


Jesse Krohn.

BMW Motorsport Junior from 2014 to 2016.

2018 and 2019 BMW works motorist in a IMSA WeatherTech SportsCar Championship.


Joel Eriksson.

BMW Motorsport Junior from 2016 to 2017.

2018 and 2019 BMW works motorist in a DTM.


Mikkel Jensen.

BMW Motorsport Junior from 2017 to 2018.

2019 BMW works motorist in a Intercontinental GT Challenge.


Selection of successful graduates from a BMW youth
growth programme:


Sebastian Vettel.

1st place Formula BMW ADAC Championship 2004

Formula 1 universe champion 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2013


Nico Rosberg.

1st place Formula BMW ADAC Championship 2002

Formula 1 universe champion 2016


Marco Wittmann.

2nd place Formula BMW Europa 2008

DTM champion with BMW Motorsport 2014 and 2016


Martin Tomczyk.

2nd place BMW ADAC Formula Junior Cup 1998

DTM champion 2011


Philipp Eng.

1st place Formula BMW World Final 2007

1st place 24h Spa-Francorchamps 2016 and 2018

1st place GTLM category 24h Daytona 2018


Nico Hülkenberg.

1st place Formula BMW ADAC Championship 2005

1st place 24 Hours of Le Mans 2015