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Efficient and Powerful: The New Plug-In Hybrid Models Audi Q5, A6, A7 and A8

Wide preference of models: The plug-in hybrid plan of Audi
Plug-in variety from medium-size SUV to oppulance sedan – with Q5, A6, A7 and A8 TFSI e, Audi is expanding a operation of plug-in-hybrids for tolerable mobility. Depending on a denote series, there is a choice of twin variants with conflicting opening and equipment: A comfort denote and a various with a sporty pattern with S line scopes, a some-more firmly tuned cessation and expostulate setup with aloft boost opening of a electric engine for some-more energetic handling. From now on, a new plug-in hybrid models lift a “TFSI e” signet. In a future, a “e-tron” tag will sojourn indifferent exclusively for electrically driven cars.

Power from twin hearts: a versatile expostulate concept
The plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEV) emanate unrestrained interjection to their versatile character. In electric-only mode, for example, giveaway of internal emissions in a city, no operation stress when pushing prolonged distances, sporty and energetic with a with a appetite of twin hearts from a explosion engine and electric motor: The expostulate judgment offers a far-reaching range.

The electric-only operation of a PHEVs will comment for some-more than 40 kilometers in a WLTP cycle for any model. The hybrid expostulate judgment is designed so that business can transport on around a third of their common routes in electric-only mode during day-to-day driving.

All new plug-in-hybrids by Audi use a turbo-charged gasoline engine with approach injection that works together with an electric engine that is integrated in a transmission. A lithium-ion battery underneath a luggage cell building reserve a electrical energy. As a result, a electric engine can support a explosion engine during acceleration. The result: high start-off opening and absolute acceleration.

At a same time, with courtesy to recuperation, a expostulate complement resembles that of a new quite electrically driven Audi e-tron*. It is designed for high potency and limit recuperation performance. When breaking, a new Audi PHEV models redeem adult to 80 kW of energy. The electric engine handles slight decelerations, i.e. a infancy in bland traffic. For middle stop applications, a assign is divided between a hydraulic circle brakes, that perform this assign alone usually with a deceleration of some-more than 0.4 g.

The lithium-ion battery for a A6, A7 and A8 is done adult of 104 tote cells, that are total in 8 modules. It stores 14.1 kWh of appetite during a voltage of 385 V. The lithium-ion battery in a Q5 comprises kaleidoscopic cells and has a same capacity. In any case, a cooling circuit of a battery is integrated in a low-temperature circuit, that reserve a electric engine and a appetite electronics. The appetite wiring renovate a approach stream of a high voltage-battery into a three-phase stream for a electric motor; when recuperating, it does a opposite. The customary feverishness siphon ensures fit car meridian control and can beget adult to 3 kW of feverishness appetite from 1 kW of electrical appetite with a rubbish feverishness occurring in a vehicle.

The powertrain: fit explosion engine, high-performance electric engine and vast lithium-ion battery capacity
The A8 with plug-in hybrid expostulate has a explosion engine and a henceforth vehement synchronous engine as an electric motor. It is integrated together with a purchase in a eight-gear tiptronic, that passes a torques to a quattro permanent all-wheel drive. The oppulance ship drives as a 5.3-meter prolonged A8 L various with an extended wheelbase.

The Audi A7 and A6 models with plug-in hybrid expostulate use a same powertrain. The battery ability is matching to that of a Audi A8 PHEV. Together with a electric engine that is integrated in a twin purchase transmission, a gasoline engine ensures that there is plenty outlay and torque. Both models are permitted in twin outlay levels with conflicting boost performance.

The powertrain in a Audi Q5 PHEV follows a same judgment as a Audi A6 and A7.

Drive modes and expostulate control: Maximum comfort and high electric range
The hybrid government of a plug-in-models is designed for limit potency and patron comfort and automatically selects a best operation strategy. Start takes place electrically in “EV” mode as standard; a explosion engine is switched on depending on a situation.

The plug-in hybrid models have a following expostulate modes: “EV,” “Auto,” and “Hold.” With a doing mode button, a motorist can name from these 3 simple settings: Priority for a electric drive, entirely involuntary hybrid mode or save appetite for a after proviso of a journey. In “Auto” mode, a PHEVs use a intelligent communication of a electric engine and a explosion engine for limit efficiency. In “Hold” mode, a expostulate government controls a powertrain so that a stream assign standing of a battery is maintained, e.g. for pushing after in electric-only mode in civic areas.

The predictive potency support creates an essential grant to augmenting a electric operation and ensuring limit patron comfort. For this purpose, a intelligent expostulate government integrates a track form into a control of a powertrain. The predictive operation plan assesses both a navigation information during active track superintendence and a information of a predictive potency support as good as of a car sensor system. Using this information, it creates severe formulation for a whole track and excellent formulation for a arriving kilometers. As a result, situations are famous in that a motorist should take their feet off a right pedal. The motorist receives a analogous visible denote on a arrangement and haptic feedback around a active accelerator pedal. At a same time, anticipatory recuperation is initiated.

Moreover, a motorist can name between a “comfort,” “efficiency,” “auto” and “dynamic” expostulate modes around a informed switches in a Audi expostulate name energetic doing complement and so change a setup of a drive, cessation and steering. Depending on a setting, a thresholds from that both drives work together or a electric engine reserve a boost and so a limit torque change when accelerating. In “dynamic” mode, a electric engine supports a explosion engine some-more intensively with a electric boost opening for limit energetic handling.

The active accelerator pedal with non-static vigour indicate for pushing in electric-only mode supports a expostulate with haptic feedback for operation that is as fit as possible. When a motorist removes their feet from a accelerator, a car glides openly in a involuntary rigging D and in a Audi expostulate name profiles “auto” and “efficiency” (under 160 km/h), where both a explosion engine and a electric engine are decoupled and switched off. On a other hand, in a S rigging and in a “dynamic” profile, a electric engine stays active in deceleration mode and recuperates, i.e. it translates a kinetic appetite into electrical energy.

The discretionary Audi unsentimental cockpit and a MMI arrangement benefaction all critical notifications concerning electric driving: a appetite meter, a operation and all appetite flows.

Versatile – not usually with courtesy to a drive: Model plan and apparatus lines
Audi offers a A6, A7, and Q5 any as comfort models and sporty and energetic variants. The latter are being launched with quite sporty equipment: Apart from a increasing boost of a electric motor, they have an S line extraneous package as standard. In addition, a A6 and A7 have a black styling package with darkened trims, stop calipers embellished in red, and remoteness window glazing in a back compartment. The opening variety also place sporty touches in a interior. The A6 and A7 have a competition cessation as standard.

Convenient: Charging with a e-tron Charging Service
The compress charging complement is also partial of a customary apparatus of a new Audi plug-in hybrids. It comprises cables for a domestic and industrial sockets and a control panel.
As an option, Audi reserve a wall-holder shave and a mode 3 wire for open charging stations. At a assign connector with an outlay of 7.2 kW, a full assign of a battery takes a good twin hours.

While on a go, business can assign a new plug-in hybrid models conveniently. A charging use owned by Audi, a e-tron Charging Service, grants entrance to a vast series of open charging stations in 16 European countries on request. Preparations are being done to deliver this in other countries. Just one label is sufficient to start charging with countless providers. Customers have to register one time on a myAudi portal and interpretation a charging agreement that is theme to a fee. Invoicing always takes place during a finish of a month regulating a stored routine of payment.

At a marketplace launch of a Audi e-tron*, Audi business can supply their chateau and their garage with eco-electricity, generated giveaway of CO2 emissions, from a “Volkswagen Naturstrom” brand. It is generated 100% from renewable sources, such as hydroelectric appetite plants, and a start is approved by TÜV any year. In addition, if necessary, Audi supports business in removing them in hit with an electrician for implementing a suitable charging resolution in their possess garage.

Charge Management from a Couch: The myAudi app
The myAudi app is also a unsentimental apparatus for traffic with a vehicle. The app brings services from a Audi bond portfolio to a customer’s smartphone. Using a app, a patron can remotely check a battery and operation status, start a charging process, module a assign timer and perspective a assign and expenditure statistics.

Another duty of a myAudi app is a pre-entry meridian control even before environment off. It is done probable since a compressor of a atmosphere conditioning and a auxiliary heater in a car work on a high-voltage basis. The patron can establish accurately how a interior should be exhilarated or cooled while a car is parked or a battery is being charged. Depending on a particular car equipment, heating of a steering wheel, seats, mirror, windshield and back window as good as a chair movement can be activated around a pre-entry meridian control. Rapid start of a meridian components is also probable when unlocking a car with a key.

Fuel expenditure of a models named above
(Information on fuel/power expenditure and CO2 glimmer total given in ranges count on a apparatus selected)
Audi e-tron:
Combined electrical expenditure in kWh/100 km: 26.2–22.6 (WLTP); 24.6–23.7 (NEDC);
Combined CO2 emissions in g/km: 0

The e-tron Charging Service can usually be used by business with electrified Audi vehicles (a current car marker series is required). Europe-wide access: The e-tron Charging Service is permitted in 16 European countries, a sustenance for serve countries being during a formulation stage. The series of charging points supposing is country-specific and depends on a grade of growth of a permitted infrastructure. The series of permitted charging points is invariably developed. There is no right to entrance any charging indicate in a country. AUDI AG does not pledge a operation, accessibility or charging appetite or other facilities of a charging infrastructure. The Point of Interest (POI) information about a series of charging points is updated regularly, with no explain of completeness. The e-tron Charging Service RFID/customer label can usually be used in a network 24 hours after label activation. Within a initial 24 hours, a label can be used, where appropriate, with internal restrictions. Authentication around myAudi App (QR formula on a charging point) requires an active radio and Internet connection. Authentication in a e-tron Charging Service network is possibly probable around RFID patron label or around myAudi App. (More information in a POI fact information). Prices within particular European countries are uniform though can differ from a cost in your nation of residence. Current nation specific prices and serve contractual information can be found at