BMW Canada

Efficient pulling power: New BMW X5 xDrive40d and new BMW X6 xDrive40d with true six-cylinder diesel engine and amiable hybrid technology.

Munich. The BMW X5 and a BMW X6 now also feature
rarely fit amiable hybrid record to optimise a spontaneous
appetite smoothness and efficacy of a expostulate system. As from May
2020, a new BMW X5 xDrive40d (combined
fuel consumption: 6.4 – 5.9 l/100 km; total CO2 emissions:
167 – 154 g/km) and a new BMW X6 xDrive40d (combined fuel
consumption: 6.2 – 5.8 l/100 km; total CO2 emissions:
164 – 153 g/km) will exaggerate a newly grown true six-cylinder
diesel engine with a 48-volt starter generator. Thanks to a power
outlay of a explosion engine being increasing to 250 kW/340 hp, and
a electrically assisted amiable hybrid system, a higher forward
bearing of a luxury-class Sports Activity Vehicle (SAV) and Sports
Activity Coupe (SAC) is gifted even some-more intensively.

Sporty and flexible doing on a highway as good as clever off-road
flexibility are hallmarks of a pushing characteristics of a BMW X5
and a BMW X6. With a clever participation of a absolute and elegant
pattern and a lush interior ambience also in a stream model
generation, a dual founders of any of their segments make an
considerable statement. Moreover, high-quality comfort facilities and
modernized record in a areas of operation and digitalisation
minister towards a pushing pleasure gifted in a dual BMW X
models. The latest innovations in a margin of expostulate record now
element a engine portfolio of a SAV and a SAC with a diesel
engine mixing pulling appetite and potency in a particularly
convincing manner. 

Straight six-cylinder diesel engine with multi-stage
turbocharging and optimised approach fuel injection.

The BMW TwinPower Turbo Technology featured by a new 3-litre
true six-cylinder appetite plant comprises a two-stage turbocharging
element and Common Rail piezo approach fuel injection. The spontaneous
response characteristics of a supercharging element are extended by
non-static turbo geometry for a high and low vigour stages. With up
to 10 injections per cycle, a injectors feed fuel to a combustion
cover during a vigour of adult to 2,700 bar. The new vigour sensor
integrated into a injector ensures unusually accurate dosing as
good as enlightened fuel economy and purify combustion.

The new diesel engine develops a limit torque of 700 Nm becoming
accessible between 1,750 and 2,250 rpm. The engine achieves a maximum
appetite outlay of 250 kW/340 hp during 4,400 rpm. Whether on a highway or on
off-road terrain, appetite is eliminated in a new BMW X5 xDrive40d and
a new BMW X6 xDrive40d around an 8-speed Steptronic smoothness and
intelligent BMW xDrive four-wheel technology, that – interjection to a
rear-wheel accentuated set-up – enhances lively during energetic cornering.  

Two-stage NOX empty gas treatment, that was introduced as a
customary underline on diesel models in 2012, has been serve developed.
This component, that is tighten to a engine, now comprises an
burning matter converter and an SCR cloaking on a particulate
filter. For best rebate of nitrogen oxide emissions a second
dose section has been integrated during a opening of a SCR system.
Therefore, a new BMW X5 xDrive40d and a new BMW X6 xDrive40d now
already approve with a imperative regulations of a Euro 6d emission
standard, that will not take outcome until a commencement of 2021.

Mild hybrid technology: Additional electric outlay of
8 kW/11 hp increases sprinting appetite while shortening consumption.

The new diesel engine is assisted by a 48-volt starter
generator of a amiable hybrid system. The additional electric outlay of
8 kW/11 hp promotes both extemporaneous appetite smoothness and effectiveness
of a expostulate system. Electric boost enhances dynamics when starting
and accelerating. Therefore, a new BMW X5 xDrive40d and a new
BMW X6 xDrive40d are any means to scurry from 0 to 100km/h in usually 5.5
seconds. Thanks to a additional electric output,
explosion engine is means during consistent speeds to run particularly
frequently within an efficiency-optimised bucket range, so reducing
expenditure peaks.

The starter generator obtains a required appetite from a 48-volt
battery, that also reserve all electric pushing functions with power
around a 12-volt car electrical system. It is charged by means of
recuperation during acceleration and braking phases and also by a
targeted explosion engine bucket indicate increase. Ride comfort also
advantages significantly from a amiable hybrid record featured in the
new BMW X5 xDrive40d and a new BMW X6 xDrive40d. The supportive
outcome of a 48-volt starter generator facilitates intensely quick and
gentle bucket change responses. Moreover, a absolute generator
provides for extemporaneous and low-vibration starting and re-starting of
a explosion engine when regulating a Auto Start Stop and “sailing”
functions. As a result, it is also probable to not usually undo the
engine during a sailing phases, though also to switch it off entirely.
In sequence to make use of a economising outcome as frequently as
possible, a comfort-optimised sailing duty is now no longer only
accessible in a ECO-PRO mode, though also in a COMFORT mode of the
Driving Experience Control feature.