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Electrified: Audi to applaud Formula E premiere

“The past few weeks were complete and sparkling for a whole squad,” says Head of Audi Motorsport Dieter Gass. Our bulletin enclosed a prudent credentials of a 4 foe cars, mechanism simulations of different strategies and situations, fine-tuning of all processes and ideal credentials of a whole equipment, to name usually a few equipment on a finished checklist. “Now, everybody is happy to finally be roving to a foe lane and competing for points and trophies again.”

For a initial time, a Formula E deteriorate will start with dual races on one weekend, a supposed double header. On Saturday and Sunday, a fans will knowledge dual near-identical eventuality days with practice, subordinate and races. Including a additional points for stick position and a fastest foe lap, a sum of 58 points will be awarded. “We aim to be ideally positioned from notation one and conduct a good start of a new season,” says Lucas di Grassi. The champion is looking brazen to Hong Kong: “The city is good and a fans eager – a whole eventuality is a illusory spectacle.”

The 1.860-kilometer foe lane is routed directly along a waterfront and past a famous Ferris wheel. The proxy circuit uses streets that are routinely open and has a really prolonged true that offers a good overtaking opportunity. It is followed by a technically severe territory with many parsimonious turns. The lane aspect poses an additional challenge, as it changes from tarmac to concrete. On Saturday, 43 and on Sunday, 45 laps will be driven.

Driver Daniel Abt can frequency wait for a start: “We’ve been operative tough in new weeks – during tests on a track, in a simulator and in a preparations with a engineers. Obviously, we’ll usually know in Hong Kong where we mount compared with a competition. But we’ve finished a homework.” While his teammate as a reigning champion will be entering a foe in automobile series one, Abt will keep his proven series 66. Celebrating his 25th birthday on Sunday will be additional proclivity for him to grasp a good result.

In Formula E’s Hong Kong entrance final year, a German group gifted a pell-mell race. Both Daniel Abt’s and Lucas di Grassi’s foe cars were shop-worn as early as on path one. While Abt had to park his car, di Grassi fought behind from a finish of a margin to second place. His quip expostulate was probable interjection to a confidant plan of his group and worldly appetite management.

Both races in Hong Kong will start during 3 PM internal time (8 AM CET). In Germany, Eurosport will start to atmosphere live coverage on both days during 7:45 AM. Internationally, about 70 channels will cover a Formula E races. A full list can be accessed on a internet during Current information about Team Audi Sport ABT Schaeffler is accessible on Twitter during @audiformulae (Hashtags #e-tron #FormulaE #HKEPrix).