BMW Canada

Emotional and rarely dynamic: a pattern of a MINI John Cooper Works GP.

This can be seen now in a car’s design: a precisionist nonetheless highly
romantic extraneous and interior visualize a GP genes some-more radically
than ever before. The MINI John Cooper Works GP follows on from the
serve limited-edition John Cooper Works GP tiny array of 2013 and 2006.


The extraneous – emotionally designed top-level performance.

The prosaic front territory with a far-reaching track, vast front apron, flared
circle arches and a back wing manifest even from a front instantly
conveys formidable energetic performance. Classic MINI icons such as
a elliptical headlights and a hexagonal radiator grille safeguard a
definite clarity of temperament and high approval value. At a same
time, evil John Cooper Works elements such as a hood scoop
in a carp and a hexagonal honeycomb grille with GP trademark in the
radiator grille underscore a sporty notice of a front.

The side viewpoint of a MINI John Cooper Works GP reveals a sportiest
MINI conformation to date. The interplay between a squeezing window
area and a rising shoulder line traces a crowd figure during a side
that gives a clarity of acceleration even when a automobile is
stationary. Below this, saturated surfaces form a comprehensive vehicle
corpus. The vast front apron and vast roof spoiler give a side
viewpoint limit sporty aptitude as good as ensuring aerodynamic optimum
performance. The extraneous paint finish Racing Grey lead alternates
between light grey and blue-violet, formulating a comprehensive clarity of
depth, while a roof and counterpart caps are finished in Melting Silver.
All standard chrome elements during a front, side and back such as MINI
logos, doorway handles, fuel filler cap, side skip and headlight
surrounds are finished in high-gloss black in this small-scale series.


Racing feeling with distinguished colour accentuations and carbon
twine elements.

Deliberate MINImalism in terms of form and colour focuses on
technology, serve emphasised by phony accentuations in high-gloss
Chili Red and matt Rosso metallic. The use of lightweight materials
such as CO twine optimises a power-to-weight ratio, while the
rarely optimised spindle bucket placement promises a hallmark MINI
go-kart feeling. The comprehensive prominence in a side viewpoint are the
trustworthy circle arch covers – supposed spats – that are done of
CO fibre. Elaborately hand-crafted recycled CO fleece from the
Landshut plant is used here. For a initial time, a CO fibre
fabric is directly manifest and showcased by means of black hexagon
stitching. Meanwhile a numbering in a front squabble shows the
small-series prolongation number. The 18” lightweight fake wheels in
bi-colour pattern appreciate a distinguished four-spoke thesis of a MINI
John Cooper Works GP in rope style. It is a lightest 18” forged
circle ever to underline in a MINI, creation a poignant contribution
to weight reduction.

The back territory echoes a particular front and side design. The
fluent roof spoiler is not usually a matter in sporty styling: its
figure also ensures best downforce and fits in ideally with the
geometry. The same goes for a atmosphere diffusers and atmosphere ducting surfaces
in a apron. Prominently placed during a centre of a reduce back area,
a classical double tailpipe embodies a John Cooper Works DNA. The
splendid immaculate steel double tailpipes are made with the
largest probable hole and expel strenuously and puristically
from a diffuser.


The interior – pristine racing style.

The interior of a MINI John Cooper Works GP combines precisionist sporty
aptitude with comprehensive colour accentuations. The dim colour and material
judgment creates a reduced, sporty simple mood, with high-quality,
deliberately phony sum during comparison points. In a motorist area,
a new free-standing digital instrument cluster on a steering
mainstay puts a applicable information in a driver’s margin of vision
as compulsory by a conditions during hand.


3D copy in detail.

The latest prolongation techniques such as 3D copy turn off the
special interior experience. A distinguished prominence from a driver’s
viewpoint are a aluminium change paddles on a sports steering
circle – made regulating 3D printing. They relate a hexagonal theme
from a extraneous in a form of rope breakthroughs. The shift
paddles are a distinguished component in a interior of a MINI John
Cooper Works GP in terms of both coming and new softened haptics
and are featured in this form for a initial time in a MINI. Another
new component is a 3D-printed steering circle grip and a individual
musical trim frame in a newcomer area. Each musical trim
frame is singular and bears a vehicle’s limited-edition production
number. Their GP-specific hexagonal structure echoes a surface
structure of a change paddles. In this way, MINI demonstrates a whole
new dimension of how 3D copy can be integrated in a serial
prolongation process. The use of addition processes such as 3D printing
not usually raises customisation to a new level, it also enables entirely
new forms of pattern character that were not formerly probable using
required tools.


Minimalistic back area.

The MINI John Cooper Works GP does not have a back seat, as was the
box in a prototype models, with welfare instead being given to
achieving a lowest probable altogether weight. The transparent and tidy
surfaces of a back cell also simulate a rebate to the
essentials. The vast “GP” lettering in a back row is achieved by
a use of opposite grains and gives a interior a striking, novel
accentuation. Behind a front seats, a red cross-brace generates a
racing atmosphere.