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Emotional WEC culmination for Audi during São Paulo

Top opening all a approach to a end: In his final race, Tom Kristensen once some-more valid his prowess. Together with Lucas di Grassi (BR) and Loïc Duval (F) a nine-time Le Mans winner, in third place, clinched his final prize for Audi in Brazil. In a stirring final stage, he prevailed opposite a series 7 Toyota – interjection to glorious path times with low fuel consumption. The Dane, who had announced a finish of his veteran career before a final competition of a season, gifted an overwhelmingly romantic weekend packed with recognition. A award presented by a Brazilian Automobile Association, a path of respect on Saturday, a marker ‘Thanks Tom – Mister Le Mans’ emblazoned on a series 1 Audi R18 e-tron quattro and a finish with messages from all WEC teams and honors on a lectern supposing a Dane with an memorable culmination after 138 Sport, GT and furloughed automobile races with Audi. For Lucas di Grassi, a outcome was a special one as well. After carrying started from position six, a Brazilian who was innate in São Paulo presented himself to his home assembly in tip form.

The sister car, designated as series 2, had chances of clinching a lectern outcome as good in annoy of a setback. After Benoît Tréluyer, during a initial competition lap, had to have a complement reset achieved and forsaken to a behind of a field, he started his recovery. Only 30 mins later, a Frenchman had battled his approach behind to sixth place. His team-mate André Lotterer underscored a gait of series 2 by environment a fastest competition lap. Ultimately, a 2012 World Champions took fifth place following a physique repairs repairs. After an collision of Mark Webber, in that a Australian suffered no vital injuries, a reserve automobile duration finished a race.

At a finish of a third FIA WEC season, Audi looks behind on a successful halt tally. In 24 races given 2012, a association has scored 13 victories (rate: 54 percent), that creates it a many successful marque in a LMP1 class. Two World Championship titles in a drivers’ and manufacturers’ classifications in 2012 and 2013 finish a sporting results. The prominence of a 2014 deteriorate was a success during Le Mans in Jun – imprinting Audi’s 13th win in a iconic 24-hour competition given 2000.

Quotes after a race

Dr. Wolfgang Ullrich (Head of Audi Motorsport): “This was a unequivocally romantic weekend. It’s illusory that Tom Kristensen on his final double army still shielded a lectern place. We managed to finish a FIA WEC deteriorate on a certain note in Brazil. It’s good that we managed a lectern finish nonetheless a aim, obviously, is to be on a unequivocally tip of a podium.”

Chris Reinke (Head of LMP): “2014 was an romantic roller-coaster float for us. That was loyal for a Le Mans 24 Hours though relates to a WEC deteriorate as well. The approach we sealed a deteriorate wasn’t ideal though it finished on a certain note. The prominence of a weekend, no doubt, was a farewell of Tom Kristensen, who’s been with us for such a prolonged time. We appreciate him unequivocally most – he had a partial in moulding a sweetest successes.”

Ralf Jüttner (Team Director Audi Sport Team Joest):
“Congratulations to Porsche on their initial victory. We done a best of a potential. The biggest partial about it is Tom finishing on lectern in a final race. He some-more than deserved this champagne shower. If there’s a motorist that can do a quite good pursuit of saving fuel while extracting a best probable opening from a Audi, it’s Tom. We’re holding a successful deteriorate culmination into a winter mangle and will be going for all-out conflict again in 2015.”

Lucas di Grassi (Audi R18 e-tron quattro #1): “This was one of my toughest races of a whole season. At a end, with Tom’s farewell, a conditions was unequivocally romantic again. We gave all but, unfortunately, had a few teenager problems. Still, we never gave up. It’s good to be on a lectern here in my hometown São Paulo. And it’s quite honeyed to be means to share this impulse with Tom – simply incredible!”

Loïc Duval (Audi R18 e-tron quattro #1): 
“I’m happy about a successful tighten of a season, quite for Tom. The competition was anything though easy. But we were in row and mounted a lectern – a good prerogative for a team. And of march I’m happy that Mark Webber didn’t humour any critical injuries.”

Tom Kristensen (Audi R18 e-tron quattro #1):
“A large ‘thank you’ to everyone! we finished my initial competition with Audi during Sebring in 2000 on a lectern and finale my career I’m on lectern again – after a formidable race. To save another array stop we had to expostulate some-more good towards a end. That was on my stint. It was another sparkling theatre until a reserve automobile was deployed. Congratulations to Porsche on their initial feat and to Toyota on winning a title. And I’m happy to have spent my career during Audi with a best group in a world. Emotionally, this was a best weekend in my career.”

Marcel Fässler (Audi R18 e-tron quattro #2): “It was a good respect for me to expostulate in a same group together with Tom Kristensen. Obviously, observant goodbye to such a good racer is a outrageous step and a detriment for us. As distant as a automobile is concerned: we were hapless right during a commencement and had to reset a systems. Unfortunately, that cost a lot of time and thereafter we started a recovery. In a end, a fun of being a runners-up in a World Championship outweighs anything else. It was a tough, formidable deteriorate that we can still be unapproachable of with this final result.”

André Lotterer (Audi R18 e-tron quattro #2):  “We gathering another clever competition during a end. I’m quite happy for Tom Kristensen, who has crowned a finish of his career with another lectern place. Whenever a racing fable like Tom retires it’s a unequivocally special occasion. He’s been a purpose indication for me and always desirous me. Actually, solely for a few problems that unfortunately cost us a podium, a competition went well. we enjoyed a automobile and a gait was right too. In addition, we managed to set a fastest competition lap.”

Benoît Tréluyer (Audi R18 e-tron quattro #2): “I’m vivacious that Tom was means to applaud a lectern outcome in his final WEC race. Just like his team-mates, he showed a conspicuous performance. At a same time, I’d like to honour Porsche on their initial victory. It was a formidable competition for us and we suffered a few setbacks. Still, a automobile was fast. We scored some points again during a finish – that was positive.”

Race results

1 Dumas/Jani/Lieb (Porsche) 249 laps in 6h 01m44.608s
2 Buemi/Davidson (Toyota) + 0.170s
3 Di Grassi/Duval/Kristensen (Audi) – 1 lap
4 Conway/Sarrazin/Wurz (Toyota) – 1 lap
5 Fässler/Lotterer/Tréluyer (Audi R18 e-tron quattro) – 1 lap
6 Bradley/Howson/Imperatori (Oreca-Nissan) – 24 laps
7 Mücke/Turner (Aston Martin) – 28 laps
8 Makowiecki/Pilet (Porsche) – 28 laps
9 Calado/Rigon (Ferrari) – 28 laps
10 Bruni/Vilander (Ferrari) – 29 laps

– End –