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Employee Spotlight – Ahmed El Ganzouri

Employee Spotlight – Ahmed El Ganzouri





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Meet Ahmed El Ganzouri, Sustainability Programs Manager formed out of a Canadian Headquarters.

1)      How prolonged have we been during GM and what is your stream role?

As a Sustainability Programs Manager on a Environmental Strategy and Sustainability team, we manage a atmosphere emissions and sustainability for Canada. we also work on heading tellurian projects, integrating Circular Economy and Sustainable Materials into a pattern and vehicles. we customarily distinguished my 5-year work anniversary with GM Canada!

2)      What brought we to GM?

I listened a display by a CEO, Mary Barra, on a need to residence Climate Change and GM’s purpose in moulding a destiny for a better. She was so vehement and optimistic, but, some-more importantly, had a vision. we knew right divided we wanted to be a partial of this movement.

3)      What is a best partial about your job?

I don’t know where to start! we truly consider this is a best pursuit for my personality: we adore people, a sourroundings and large ideas. we work with such a gifted and shining group and we have such a clever relationship. we can rest on them for all from technical expertise, grill recommendations, to midnight chitchats about life.

My portfolio is also really diverse. we get to work on some neat initiatives that have a genuine impact on a world. we can work on projects like integrating Recycled Materials and Ocean Bound Plastics into a car components, heading Design Thinking workshops and operative with a perplexing mechanisms of RTOs (Regenerative Thermal Oxidizers) that discharge 95% of a VOC emissions from a facilities. No dual days are ever a same and we adore that!

4)      How has GM helped we grow?

When we initial started during GM, we was a bashful guy! we was an operative that wanted to spend my day with surpass files and modelling tools. Today, we am that man in a bureau giggling divided (a bit too aloud during times). My group and time here have helped me mangle out of my shell. GM has taught me to try unknown domain and to be my authentic self.

Our group has a truth of ‘Right People, Right Place’. This has let me work on things we am truly ardent about, and that is how we got concerned with Circular Economy. we was given a resources to try and see what we could do. we trust that we contingency be ardent about a work you’re doing and truly see a value and bond to it. You also need to be extraordinary and gentle being uncomfortable; given it’ll take seeking a lot of ungainly questions and perceptive novel concepts to residence problems that have never been addressed before.

5)      What is a coolest thing that you’ve achieved given being during GM?

Last year, we led a focus and debate to win The Sustainability Development Goals Award from a United Nations Global Compact Network in Canada. we was vehement about a partnerships and alignments this endowment forged. These relations were a matter to some of a sparkling initiatives we are now operative on.

GM envisions a universe with Zero Crashes, Zero Emissions and Zero Congestion. Canada is heading that with a landfill-free operations by employing 1,000 engineers to allege Autonomous and Electric vehicles and joining 6,000 students to their sourroundings by a ecoSTEM program. I’m so unapproachable of my team’s work to allege amiability brazen and residence a socio-enviro-economic impact on a tellurian scale. It’s stirring to devise and work on what’s next.

6)      What’s your favourite GM vehicle?

I am 100% inequitable though a Chevrolet Bolt EV! And, we will shamelessly ‘plug’ that it has a operation of 383 KM on one charge.

7)      If we could expostulate to one place where would it be?

One of my favourite trips was a 2-week highway outing around a whole seashore of Iceland. Next on my list is a Carretera Austral in Chile – 600 miles circuitous by rainforests, glaciers, volcanoes, fjords and mountains. It’s ideal for my brief courtesy camber and we would also customarily need to assign a Bolt EV 3 times for a whole trip!

8)      What do we do on your giveaway time?

Camping, hiking, and portaging. we adore spending time outdoor and blending it with travel. we even got to travel adult to a Mt. Everest Basecamp.

9)      What’s one thing many people don’t know about you?

I have another favourite hobby. It’s a bit nerdy, though we collect stamps. we can speak about them all day and night!

10)  What’s one ability we would like to master?

Baking! we adore spending time in a kitchen though can’t follow a recipe. This customarily works out good when cooking dinners, though we am a disaster when baking. Maybe my ability should customarily be ‘how to follow instructions’.

11)  What film pretension best describes your life?

Confessions of a Shopaholic!