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Employee Spotlight – Richard Hamilton

Employee Spotlight – Richard Hamilton





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Meet Richard Hamilton, Controls Integration Engineer on a Active Safety group during a Canadian Technical Centre Markham Campus.

1)  How prolonged have we been during GM and what is your stream role?

I’ve been during GM given Jul of 2018, and we am a Controls Integration Engineer.

2)  What brought we to GM?

I became meddlesome in unconstrained means vehicles from a unequivocally start of my engineering grade during McMaster University. The judgment of self-driving cars vacant me, and meaningful that we could minister in some approach became a dream. In school, we assimilated a McMaster Engineering EcoCAR3 Team, a four-year foe in that undergraduate and connoisseur students work together to modify a 2016 Camaro into a hybrid car. This believe unequivocally non-stop my eyes to a industry. we was means to take on a care purpose on a group during my comparison years as a Advanced Driver-Assistance Systems Lead. This purpose both challenged and desirous me to continue my tour in a automotive industry.

During this time, we also became a Research Assistant for Dr. Ali Emadi, Canada Excellence Research Chair (CERC) in Hybrid Powertrain during McMaster University. we demonstrated how absolute displaying and simulating program can assistance engineers perform critical contrast for unconstrained means vehicles, right from a computer. we recently presented my investigate paper published in a Electrical Power and Energy Conference Journal for a Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, called “Modeling and make-believe of autonomous-capable electric vehicles”. Collectively, these use have helped move me to GM.

3)  What is a best partial about your job?

The best partial about my pursuit is a immeasurable volume of believe and skills that we am invariably learning. we adore being challenged by new problems in my purpose as a Control Integration Engineer. we get a event to come adult with solutions, that allows me to learn and grow as an engineer. we have always believed that training is a life-long tour and we adore that we can use it in this position.

4)  How has GM helped we grow?

Besides learning, we feel that one of a many critical aspects to a pursuit is teamwork. GM cultivates such a clever group spirit, both within a smaller teams and as a whole. It is clear that each singular chairman on a group binds an critical and accountable purpose and that operative collaboratively is what will assistance us strech results. This routine has helped raise my teamwork skills in ways that have transcended into many areas of my life. 

5) What is a coolest thing that you’ve achieved given being during GM?

The coolest fulfilment given being during GM was when we helped get a team’s exam dais to start working. It was such a good feeling since of all a things we had to learn and all a vapid moments we had to overcome. The final outcome gave me certainty that we could be successful in my role.

6)  What’s your favourite GM vehicle?

My favourite GM automobile is my personal car, a 2014 Cadillac ATS! we adore it. Second favourite would be a Cadillac CT6!

7)  If we could expostulate to one place where would it be?

I’ve always dreamt of pushing to a west seashore of Canada to Vancouver, BC! And yes, we meant a whole 40-hour drive! we feel that there would be so most to see and learn pushing to a other side of this pleasing country.

8)  What do we do on your giveaway time?

On my giveaway time we adore operative on side projects. we adore formulating programmed systems that work on their own. we find that side projects assistance me continue to learn and develop both privately and professionally. When we step divided from side projects, we customarily opt for a diversion of basketball or going to a movies. 

9)  What’s a final thing we watched on tv?

The final thing I’ve watched is a new Lakers vs. Rockets game. For as prolonged as we can remember we have been a Lakers fan, generally since of Kobe Bryant. we was meddlesome in saying how Lebron James achieved on a justice as a Laker. 

10) If we didn’t have to sleep, what would we do with a additional time?

I would take moody lessons to obtain a pilot’s license.