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Employee Spotlight – Sabrina Keeler-Beggs

Employee Spotlight – Sabrina Keeler-Beggs





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1) How prolonged have we been during GM and what is your stream role?

I’ve been during GM for 10 years in several roles such as District Manager, Retail Planning, Assistant Brand Manager, and Advertising for a Certified Service. For a past dual years we have hold a purpose of Retail Experience Manager for Cadillac Canada. My roles have taken me from Alberta, Saskatchewan and currently, Ontario. 

What is a best partial about your job?

Within my stream purpose there are dual things that unequivocally mount out to me as outrageous contributors to my proclivity and expostulate for formula on a daily basis. The initial is interacting with a Dealer partners, and being means to emanate and exercise programs that will impact a network for a prolonged term. The second is a enlightenment of a team. We’re really tighten – like a parsimonious weave family. We applaud any other’s wins and we have any other’s backs.

2) What brought we to GM?

I’m not certain it’s indispensably what “brought” me to GM though some-more what has “kept” me during GM over a past 10+ years. The eventuality to have had several roles within several tools of a business is something we do not take for granted. Each purpose has authorised me to rise a sundry ability set. The roles have taken me opposite a nation and have authorised me to correlate with some truly illusory colleagues and dealers. I’ve been propitious to have been concerned in projects that have essentially altered a network.

I’m unapproachable about carrying been a partial of a mutation that a association has taken and am fervent to see a impact that GM will have on a travel attention as a landscape changes over a entrance years. I’d like to consider that what I’m doing on a daily basement will minister to that, even if usually in a tiny way.

3) Cadillac’s sign is to Dare Greatly. What does that meant to you?

To me, Daring Greatly means being exposed adequate to take a risk. It means put yourself out there and know that we competence fail…. But – we also competence not. And if we don’t, a success is done that most sweeter meaningful that it was in we a whole time.

4) What form of Dare Greatly hurdles does Cadillac run via a year?

Since I’ve been with Cadillac I’ve finished dual hurdles with a team. The initial was climbing Mount Washington and a second was hiking and biking by a Nevada desert. Last year a group also cycled from Montreal to Toronto followed by a National Cadillac Dealer Ride – a 150km bike float from a Canadian Headquarters in Oshawa to a CN building and back. While a large earthy plea is always a culmination, we sight together weekly via a year and have mixed mini-challenges to sight and pull us towards a finish goal.

We worked tough to file a skills we would need for any of a events; we didn’t usually go in blind. Many people consider that usually “fit”/”sporty” people can do a hurdles though we wish to denote that isn’t a case; anyone can do it. we am a primary example! Someone usually needs to wish to attend and with some tough work, integrity and expostulate they will finish a plea with a team. This year we combined in a Second City Improv member as well. Which, for some, was harder than a earthy elements. 

5) We listened that we participated in a Dare Greatly plea in Nevada this September. What was it like?

Hot. 😊 This year’s plea was a three-day travel and bike float by a Nevada desert. It enclosed a Cadillac team, Cadillac Dealers and Agency partners as good as dual entrepreneurs. This year’s plea was generally tough for me as it enclosed cycling – that was approach over my comfort zone. Prior to this year we hadn’t been on a bike given we was young, and while we have always managed to equivocate a annoying explanation of “I don’t know how”, this year it was an constituent partial of a plea and we could not shun it.

It was terrifying, as an adult, to try and learn though we knew we indispensable to figure it out. we didn’t wish to let my group down. It took a lot of practice, some motivating pep talks from teammates and a coaches, and a LOT of cuts and bruises. And while we was nowhere nearby a fastest (in fact, we was always during a behind of a pack) we achieved my idea and finished a plea with a team. I had “Dared Greatly” and succeeded!

6) What was your biggest takeaway or fulfilment from a event?

Each of a hurdles has had an impact on me – either it was overcoming a mental struggles of putting one feet in front of a other in a sirocco on a side of an tangible mountain, or severe myself to get on a bike. The biggest takeaway has been stability and teamwork.

While everybody has their possess obstacles to overcome, not all can be achieved by yourself. Sometimes it takes a encouragement, guidance, or pulling (figurative or literal) of your teammates to assistance get we adult that self-evident mountain. And that is totally ok. If you’re going to go far, go together.