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Employee spotlight – Stacey Marmara

Employee spotlight – Stacey Marmara





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Meet Stacey Marmara, Active Safety Advanced Development Engineer during a Canadian Technical Centre in Oshawa.

1)      How prolonged have we been during GM and what is your stream role?

My career began with an desirous group during Delphi Chassis, on Jan 19th 1999, and a framework wiring skillset brought me to GM Canada in 2001 to work with a group focusing on a Chevrolet Equinox.  Having 4 children has driven on-and-off intrusion in my career, and we was advantageous to suffer peculiarity time with my children until we rejoined a workforce in 2011.  Currently, we work in a Active Safety Advanced Development Technology Space, enabling product expansion for a US stakeholders.

2)      What brought we to GM?

Growing adult in LaSalle, Ontario we was surrounded by many who are now late and worked for “The Big Three” automakers, and these people have no doubt desirous my choices. It was around a 5th class when we identified engineering as a career path, that was reinforced by my relatives and teachers who speedy math skills expansion in school. My father, who is a late engineer, frequency purchased non-GM vehicles, that sent a clever summary about a association and authorised me to cruise GM as an employer!

3)  What is a best partial about your job?

I adore a enlightenment here. There is a group of us that have worked together for a series of years, and a clever relations built over time are so changed and move me a good understanding of joy. Running into former group members always creates my day. At GM, we are means to make technical decisions with peers and stakeholders who are equally ardent about a record space and it is an impossibly motivating force. we am grateful each day for this energetic during GM with a teams both in Canada and in a US.

4)      How has GM helped we grow?

Working with a manager who can precedence your strengths and assistance build your areas of event brings a turn of personal compensation that is elemental to building confidence. I have worked with Norm Weigert’s group on and off for a series of years and a ability to run a pure discourse in a infallible sourroundings fosters expansion for everybody concerned and we am grateful for this and for other mentors who have supposing superintendence in preference making. I once listened someone contend that it’s critical to have a personal house of directors and we value cave both during work and in my personal life.

5)      What is a coolest thing that you’ve achieved given being during GM?

The Chevy Equinox work authorised me to transport to Japan! It was flattering neat to see a other side of a world.  More recently it was good saying a Chassis team’s modernized record Brake Pad Life Monitor in prolongation on a Truck Programs. Many people worked together to move it to life for a customers. There are so many other unequivocally cold projects that we minister to, we only can’t speak about them yet. 😊

6)  What’s your favourite GM vehicle?

Do we unequivocally have to pick? I will always consider of my unequivocally initial car, a 1986 Z24 Chevrolet Cavalier: a bowtie, a wobble fabric interior (and a fact that we wished it was primer transmission!) will never shun my memory. we paid $3,000 for it, and got to expostulate my friends to Grand Bend each year. Currently, we am pushing a Chevrolet Cruze LT and to my warn with 4 children it is doing a dictated careful pursuit of removing us where we need to go safely, no matter what a continue brings. My kids are also vehement to shortly take a circle of “Little Chevy.” I have also driven a Cadillac SRX for a series of years and a doing and opening for an SUV was considerable and it leads me to my final answer: Cadillac XT4. I am however looking brazen to saying what replaces a Cadillac ATS. So many GOOD OPTIONS!

7)  If we could expostulate to one place where would it be?

Great question. I have a co-worker (you know who we are!) who has been moving me to take a highway outing into a United States with a trailer! The ultimate end would be Spring Mountain Motor Resort, Cadillac V-Performance Academy.  we hear if we buy a V-series we get an involuntary entrance into a pushing school. Definitely on my bucket list!

8)  What do we do on your giveaway time?

Spending time with my kids is important, so we do many things together. The summary in my domicile is about quality: What are we spending your time on and pairing your mind with? An operative is a perpetually tyro and we suffer picking adult courses. We are advantageous that GM enables this beginning with a fee payment program.

Also, people collected for a corner means can grasp good things in a certain environment, so when a kids are busy, we am advantageous to proffer with a School Council Treasury, CICS, SAE Foundation and there are a few other organizations we have an eye on to figure out how we can be involved. It’s positively a good time to be employed in a record industry, quite involving mobility options, in Canada.

9)  What’s one thing many people don’t know about you?

I have a passion for STEM education. we am a cabinet member for a SAE Foundation’s Annual Giving Committee. In my role, we support with anticipating ways to make certain that ALL students have entrance to STEM education, in fun and suggestive ways. Right now we are operative on Pi Day, (which happens to be my birthday!). This beginning is critical to me since by eighth grade, many students are away from science, technology, engineering and math education. This miss of tyro seductiveness directly impacts a peculiarity of a destiny STEM workforce. This year on Mar 14th, SAE boss Paul Mascarenas is relating all gifts that are given on Pi Day. It is a good event to unequivocally support kids who wish to turn a subsequent innovators. If we wish to learn some-more revisit

10) If we didn’t have to sleep, what would we do with a additional time?

This one is easy. I’d build a time appurtenance since kids grow so quickly. This approach we could spend some-more time with them, do more, and learn more.

11) This or that:

Chocolate or Vanilla? Chocolate.

Day or Night? Day.

Hotel or Airbnb? Hotel (fixed parameters, family friendly).

Ice cream or Frozen yogourt? Menchie’s depends as yogourt right?

Tea or Coffee? Coffee = AM, Tea = PM