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Employee Spotlight – Stanley Fok

Employee Spotlight – Stanley Fok





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Meet Stanley Fok, Engineering Group Leader in a Infotainment Software group, formed out of a Canadian Technical Centre Markham campus.

1)  How prolonged have we been during GM and what is your stream role?

I’ve worked during GM for only over dual months now. I’m an Engineering Group Leader in a Infotainment Software group. That’s all on a core console like car settings, navigation, radio, phone, Apple Carplay, Android Auto, Bluetooth and more!

2)  What brought we to GM?

The judgment of an automotive, RD-focused technical centre in a Toronto area is really sparkling to me. we could tell there is a lot of appetite and talent here during my interview. Infotainment is new to me and seems like an area staid for good innovative ideas and opportunities.

3)  What is a best partial about your job?

I adore operative on a facilities and products in so many GM vehicles that impact a lives of millions of people. This is a good shortcoming that helps me concentration on assisting a program growth teams well to broach a top peculiarity products possible.

4)  How has GM helped we grow?

CSM, IV-B/V, SORP, CTF, OTA – we have schooled some-more acronyms in a final dual months than in my whole career. I’m still perplexing to remember them all!

5) What is a coolest thing that you’ve achieved given being during GM?

Being partial of a new grad-hiring eventuality that a talent merger group put together. We welcomed about 40 gifted innovators, that resulted in many enterprising new hires for a site.

6)  What’s your favourite GM vehicle?

I’ve always wanted a Chevrolet Suburban to expostulate by a plateau on west-coast ski trips. we can’t wait to get my hands on one permanently.

7)  If we could expostulate to one place where would it be?

Maui, Hawaii. we only have to figure out that small sea partial – LOL!

8)  What do we do on your giveaway time?

When I’m not during work, we can find me chauffeuring my kids around to all their fun activities!

9)  What’s one thing many people don’t know about you?

I do my possess oil changes and all a unchanging upkeep on my cars. Yes – that includes brakes too!

10) If we didn’t have to sleep, what would we do with a additional time?

Renovate my nauseous master bathroom. Why did a prior owners have to select brownish-red for everything?

11) Are we some-more of a hunter or a gatherer?

Gatherer. we have done friends with salad.