Mercedes-Benz Canada

EQ Power: The family of Mercedes-Benz plug-in hybrids.

The intelligent, route-based handling plan activates a electric pushing mode where this is many suitable for a route. For example, it takes into comment navigation data, topography, speed boundary and a trade conditions for a whole designed route. The ECO Assistant coaches a motorist and helps to save fuel.

With a launch of MBUX (Mercedes-Benz User Experience) a prior plug-in handling modes of all EQ Power models have been converted to expostulate programmes. That means that in each Mercedes-Benz plug-in hybrid a new expostulate programmes “Electric” and “Battery Level” are available. Maximum e-performance can be gifted in “Electric”. The explosion engine is usually intent if a motorist uses kickdown on a accelerator pedal. In a “Electric” programme a recuperation strength can also be comparison around paddles behind a steering wheel. The paddles on a steering circle capacitate a preference of 5 opposite recuperation levels (DAUTO, D+, D, D- and D–).