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Erik Johansson is a new BMW Motorsport Junior for 2019 following complete preference process.

Munich. After an complete three-day preference procedure, the
preference has been made: Erik Johansson (SWE) has been supposed onto
a 2019 BMW Motorsport Junior Programme. The 22-year-old former BMW
Customer Racing motorist triumphed over 3 other possibilities in
Wednesday’s shoot-out in a BMW Motorsport simulator. As a reward,
a estimable partial of his training programme will see him contest
a whole entrance deteriorate of a Italian GT Championship during a wheel
of a BMW Team Italia BMW M6 GT3. On Monday and Tuesday, 16
possibilities underwent a extensive programme of physical, mental
and communication tests. The tip 4 participants afterwards went through
to a simulator shoot-out.


“Congratulations, Erik Johansson,” pronounced BMW Motorsport Director Jens
Marquardt. “He follows in a footsteps of a stream works driver
and former Junior, Joel Eriksson, as a second Swede to be accepted
onto a BMW Motorsport Junior Programme. Erik came by our
reshaped preference procession opposite a other considerable candidates.
we am quite gratified that we managed to successfully theatre a
shoot-out like that in a competition simulator. we would now like to welcome
Erik to a BMW Motorsport family and demeanour brazen to saying him on
a lane in a BMW M6 GT3 soon.”


As good as Johansson, who was introduced to continuation racing in 2016
in a BMW M235i Racing Cup, Benjamin Lessennes (BEL) and dual current
BMW Customer Racing drivers, Aaron Seton (AUS) and Ben Tuck (GBR),
were given a event to expostulate on a practical racetrack. The
party unnatural use sessions, subordinate and a prolonged run.
Supported by a group of BMW Motorsport engineers, a concentration was on
motorist feedback and information analysis, as good as path times. Each driver
had several sessions in that to familiarize themselves with the
simulator and a circuit. Johansson eventually done a best
sense and cumulative his place on a 2019 BMW Motorsport Junior Programme.


“This is an implausible event for me. At a moment, we really
don’t know what to say,” pronounced Johansson, who, carrying won titles in
single-seater racing series, done his initial entrance on the
Nürburgring-Nordschleife (GER) as a BMW Customer Racing motorist in a
Securtal Sorg Rennsport BMW M235i Racing. It was there final year that
he captivated courtesy with a series of considerable performances in a
GT3 car. “I am unequivocally looking brazen to pushing a BMW M6 GT3 in the
entrance months, removing to know a other BMW works drivers, and being
a partial of a BMW Motorsport family.”


The initial dual days of a preference routine saw 16 earnest young
drivers from all over a universe interest their explain to a place on the
BMW Motorsport Junior Programme. For a initial time, these also
enclosed a series of possibilities who had warranted their opportunity
by their performances with BMW Customer Racing teams. The jury
consisted of Dirk Adorf (GER), long-term coach of a BMW Motorsport
Juniors, and Philipp Eng (AUT), himself a former BMW Motorsport Junior
who done a step adult to works driver, with both removing to know the
participants in heated discussions.


“It was a good knowledge for me to be partial of this selection
process,” pronounced Eng. “It was good fun removing to know a guys over
a 3 days, and concomitant them by a shoot-out. Erik
eventually won since he is really quick, crafty and mature for his
age. That is really critical for a successful racing driver.”


The Formula Medicine experts, underneath a superintendence of Dr. Riccardo
Ceccarelli, put a immature drivers by a programme of earthy and
mental tests. The candidates’ appearances in front of a camera and
on amicable networks were also evaluated. Adorf and Eng deliberate all
these aspects when selecting a 4 possibilities who were given the
event to infer themselves in a BMW Motorsport simulator on day three.


The simulator was grown by BMW Motorsport and designed from the
commencement to be multi-functional. It can be used to copy all BMW
competition cars. Work in a simulator plays a essential purpose in both the
growth of a cars and in pre-race preparations. Shortly before
a juniors’ shoot-out, a BMW i Andretti Motorsport drivers used the
simulator to ready for a entrance Formula E competition in Mexico City
(MEX). That meant a immature drivers also used a realistic
facsimile of a BMW iFE.18 cockpit for their drives.


“I consider a package we put together for a candidates, consisting
of several opening tests, particular discussions and, for the
initial time, a simulator drives, worked really well,” pronounced Adorf. “I am
quite gratified that we had so many immature BMW Customer Racing
drivers – stream as good as former –, 3 of whom done it into the
top-four. Their intensely high customary is explanation that a preference to
move a BMW Motorsport Junior Programme significantly closer to BMW
Customer Racing was mark on. Congratulations to a winner, Erik
Johansson, who valid to be a strongest claimant and tender us
with his speed and his veteran approach.”


This season’s Italian GT Championship, in that Johansson will
contest in a BMW M6 GT3, kicks off on 5th Apr during Monza (ITA).


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You can find video highlights of a 2019 BMW Motorsport Junior
shoot-out during a following link: