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Exclusive insights during Research & Innovation Centre: BMW Group Pilot Plant builds BMW iNEXT prototypes

Munich. On a arise of a BMW iNEXT prototype
production, a BMW Group is charity an disdainful glance behind the
scenes of a Pilot Plant in a heart of a Research
Innovation Centre (FIZ). Prototypes of all vehicles are manufactured
prolonged before tangible marketplace launch, underneath a strictest privacy in
specifically limited areas of a facility. They are used for testing
and to prepared for array public later. Experts from growth and
prolongation work in tighten collaboration. When array prolongation of
a entirely electric BMW iNEXT is launched in 2021, it will run on the
same public line as combustion-powered vehicles and plug-in hybrids.

Udo Hänle, conduct of Production Integration and Pilot Plant: “Preparing
a entirely electric automobile for array prolongation is an sparkling but
severe task. By a time of a central start of production, we
will have built as many as 100 prototypes of a BMW iNEXT. Until
then, a Pilot Plant will use a operation of new innovations to
streamline and speed adult a processes even further. We are also
already scheming a initial prolongation associates from Plant
Dingolfing to work on a new product.”


New innovations urge peculiarity of prolongation processes

The routine stairs for array prolongation are tangible and grown at
a Pilot Plant, where experts also countenance all of a vehicle
functions, including electric and programmed pushing functions, and
sensors for motorist assistance systems. In addition, associates working
on a BMW iNEXT are creation use of mint digital collection for the
really initial time to support some-more intelligent, fit operations.

The initial few bodies-in-white of a BMW iNEXT are being fabricated in
a Pilot Plant bodyshop. The several sections are connected with the
assistance of a new technology: rotary bonding. This joins aluminium and
high-strength steel by regulating a attrition feverishness generated as a steel
component pierces an aluminium part. The feverishness of a steel partial fuses
a dual components.

Once assembled, a bodies bear notation checks by laser radar, an
programmed measure record that fast identifies individual
aspect characteristics. This resolution eliminates a need to place
measure points manually, as has been finished until now. The new
visual routine also dramatically shortens a time compulsory for
measurements to be made.

Complete surfaces of physique collection are serve examined regulating a
high-resolution scanner located in a practical measuring room. Data
performed here is compared entirely automatically with a CAD indication of
a part, delivering a compulsory information most faster than
required methodologies.

An protracted existence app is radically speeding adult a approach bolts in
a building public are identified and compared with a CAD model. The
app is an critical creation that verifies their accurate position
and completeness. As good as shortening complexity, it creates cooperation
between a several dilettante departments even some-more efficient.

The BMW Group also uses mechanism tomography to exam prototypes in the
early stages of development. In a dedicated contrast complement in the
Pilot Plant, 4 closely concurrent robots emanate X-rays of the
automobile by a scanning process. Moving around a outside, they face
any other in dual pairs and send a X-rays to their opposites. The
information they accumulate is used to calculate a multilayered 3D image. This
can be used to analyse a internals of a whole vehicle. Computer
tomography allows new materials and fastening techniques to be examined
in notation fact though vehicles carrying to be dismantled. Previously
components had to be private and taken detached for analysis. The system
picks adult objects as tiny as 100 micro-metres – approximately the
breadth of a tellurian hair. 


Digitalisation opens adult new opportunities for pattern and
potency in production

Digitalisation is opening adult new perspectives for enhancing
prolongation systems. Virtual models of workers are assisting vehicle
experts to conclude public processes early on. Before a first
prototypes are even made, they can safeguard workplaces are ergonomic and
offer easy entrance not usually to a inside of a automobile to shaft in
back axles or confederate charging sockets, for example, though also to the
several collection that need fitting.

When it comes to stretchable components such as stop hoses, the
specialists during a Pilot Plant use program to copy their
poise inside a vehicle. Digital collection offer insights into the
measure and successive poise of propitious collection considerably
progressing and some-more quickly. The program resolution replaces a complex,
dear construction of exam setups used until now.

Radar sensors ancillary a motorist assistance systems and automated
pushing are tested and calibrated on a new creation exam rig. This
ensures they can be propitious to vehicles though problem after on, in
array production.


BMW iNEXT is a record flagship

With a proportions and measure of a oppulance Sports Activity
Vehicle, a fifth-generation electric expostulate section and systems for highly
programmed driving, a BMW iNEXT embodies a destiny of driving
pleasure in a quite extensive way. As a BMW Group’s
destiny modular construction system, it combines a latest innovations
in a areas of design, programmed driving, connectivity,
foundation and services (D+ACES) tangible by a NUMBER ONE
NEXT corporate strategy. The BMW eDrive ensures a operation in additional of
600 kilometres*. Furthermore, a automobile is versed with a latest
connectivity facilities and designed for Level 3 programmed driving.

All sum relating to pushing performance, consumption, emissions
and operation are provisional.


Pilot Plant as a Competence Centre of a
BMW Group

The BMW Group’s Pilot Plant is located in a Research
Innovation Centre in Munich, with 3 serve compared facilities
to a north of a city, in Hallbergmoos, Oberschleissheim and
Garching. With a sum area of 100,000 m2, it is home to
850 associates, who work on adult to 6 automobile projects simultaneously.
Like a array plants, a Pilot Plant can arrange both electrically
and combustion-powered prototypes. As a interface between
growth and production, it allows not usually a product though also
a array public processes to be polished to maturity, prepared for
send to unchanging plants where they are used in array production.
The Pilot Plant comprises a bodyshop as good as assembly, prototype
and judgment automobile construction units, and a Additive Manufacturing
Centre, a centre of value for 3D printing.


The sum noted * have already been distributed formed on a new
WLTP exam cycle.