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Experiencing a story of a Salzburg Festival with Audi

At a 2020 Salzburg Festival Audi connects tradition with innovation. Passengers in an Audi e-tron will knowledge chronological scenes from a festival by means of a VR headset. Musical milestones of opposite eras are a concentration of a VR outing by Salzburg. In genuine time, a immersive record combines a displayed calm with applicable information from a automobile such as acceleration and steering, as good as navigation information on a tour track and duration. In this way, besides addressing a visible and acoustic senses, a knowledge also integrates healthy

The innovative VR record behind it was instituted by Audi and serve grown by a tech party start-up holoride. It enables a new form of party format during a tour and likewise provides new opportunities for training and operative while on a road. The motion-synchronized outing by practical worlds also reduces a suit illness that mostly occurs during required expenditure of visible media. The aim of holoride is to settle this record in partnership with companies from a automotive and media industries as a new, forward-looking party format. Audi is a co-founder of holoride and has a minority holding in this start-up by a auxiliary Audi Electronics Venture GmbH.

Creativity and rival corner are what drives both a Salzburg Festival and Audi. This postulated and sharp-witted partnership has existed for roughly 25 years. As categorical sponsor, a association supports a festival’s work in entertainment world-class artistic performances. The annual guest coming of a Salzburg Festival in Ingolstadt is a prominence of a partnership.

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