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Expo Milano 2015 opens the doors alongside FCA


Expo Milano 2015 opens tomorrow. From now until 31 Oct 2015, this Universal Exhibition will be showcasing a best of a world’s technologies that can wish to yield a petrify response to a critical need: guaranteeing healthy, protected and sufficient food for everybody though harming a Planet and a ethereal environmental balance. The Fiat Chrysler Automobiles and CNH Industrial are taking part in this prestigious eventuality as Official Global Partners. Their poignant efforts in foster of a obliged government of business ventures and their products in 3 vital areas such as automobiles, cultivation and ride yield a transparent denote of how many they share a ideals of a biggest eventuality ever hold on food and nutrition.


The event’s executive thesis is “Feeding a Planet, Energy for Life”, that also involves origination wakeful choices, compelling tolerable life styles, regulating state-of-the-art technologies and anticipating a change between apparatus accessibility and a consumption. Sustainability runs by a whole eventuality and FCA has always done it one of a tip priorities. This stands out quite in a products and a investigate and growth activities as good as in a initiatives related to tolerable mobility and a investments in a growth of new vehicles able of mixing accessibility and innovation.


Further explanation is supposing by a video we have combined for a Expo Milan 2015 that can be noticed by clicking on this link. Conceived by a Armando Testa agency, a film is an sparkling frequency of healthy landscapes and civic settings where a protagonists are people of opposite nationalities and ages. Appearing with them are also Fiat, Alfa Romeo, Lancia, Jeep and Fiat Professional products, that guarantee limit leisure of transformation while entirely respecting a environment. While these distinguished images follow one another, an off-screen voice “dialogues” directly with a Earth, recalling how life is a tour that humankind undertook prolonged ago. Now some-more than ever it is required to continue this trail with a recognition that everybody is obliged for defence a environment. FCA creates a joining on several fronts and some of a critical formula achieved so distant are shown in a declaration video, that ends with a claim: “Life is a journey, let’s make it sustainable”.


The Expo Milan 2015 organization relies on a swift of FCA vehicles featuring low emissions and choice fuels, that entirely approve with tolerable mobility precepts. They will be used to accompany a many delegations of guest nearing from all over a world. The swift comprises a sum of 105 vehicles, of that 35 are already being used by a staff of Expo 2015 S.p.A. (ten Fiat 500L Living, 4 Fiat 500L Trekking and twenty-one methane-powered Fiat 500L Natural Power). Another 70 have been reserved to a delegations from a exhibiting countries: these embody fifty Fiat 500L Natural Power, that can also run on bio-methane and 10 electric Fiat 500e, for inner use around a muster area. Six Jeep Gran Cherokee, dual Lancia Voyager and dual Maserati Quattroporte are also on palm as central uncover cars.


In further to producing increasingly tolerable products, FCA’s joining to sustainability is also apparent in a array of initiatives and projects aiming to urge a knowledge of millions of a business worldwide, of a around 300 thousand employees and over 3,000 retailer companies. These initiatives are clearly set out any year in FCA’s Sustainability Report that for over 10 years now has been surveying a formula a organization has achieved along with a destiny goals. The latest book describes a swell done by a Group in 2014, a year that noted a execution of a formation routine between Fiat and Chrysler, that began in 2009. “The merging of a dual groups has enabled us to turn a world’s seventh largest automobile manufacturer and one that views sustainability as a best trail to guarantee value and grace to a formula achieved” claims Sergio Marchionne, CEO of FCA. The same joining is reflected in a difference of John Elkann, Chairman of FCA: “The origination of FCA has altered a destiny of a dual companies forever, though it has not altered a joining to obliged and tolerable development.”


The Group’s categorical formula can be best appreciated in The 2014 Sustainability Report, that can be found during a following link. To get to know all a events and news concerning FCA’s impasse in Expo Milan 2015 one can impute to a special territory of a Fcagroup website, permitted around this link.


Accessible solutions for all

Ecology and economics are dual concepts that run side by side, and not usually given there’s a approach association between a car’s emissions and a fuel consumption. In fact, according to a FCA Group, technological solutions that competence revoke a environmental impact of cars contingency be done accessible to a largest series of people probable if they are to have a discernible effect. For FCA, origination a many modernized solutions accessible to everybody is a non-negotiable value, so that origination can interpret into petrify advantages for both a sourroundings and a customers.


FCA has always been in a front line in a growth of choice and affordable fuels by adopting a really transparent strategy: investing in technological solutions that are easy to understand, elementary to use and yield discernible brief tenure benefits. That’s because a Group has motionless to opt for methane, a cleanest and many economically viable fuel now available, that is also a potentially renewable appetite source interjection to a growth of bio-methane: after all, from a well-to-wheel indicate of view, a bio-methane powered automobile can grasp CO2 emission levels that are allied to those of an electric vehicle.


Over a final 15 years, Fiat has combined a new marketplace that has usually recently witnessed a coming of other manufacturers, and it is now a European personality for vehicles run on methane from a outset, with over 650,000 units sole given 1997. Today a operation of methane vehicles boasts 12 models, that embody both cars and blurb vehicles, and this has enabled a association to be awarded a Auto Europe 2014 endowment in a methane category.


The FCA plan in a margin of tolerable mobility also includes other innovative solutions formed on their possess subsequent era Multijet and MultiAir technologies that urge normal thrust engines (running on both petrol and diesel) in terms of both potency and glimmer reduction; a infomobility complement UConnectTM with a My:CarTM app that guarantees a scold automobile upkeep program; a innovative twin-clutch involuntary gearbox; a eco:Drive height that analyses a pushing character formed on a information collected by a automobile and provides personal suggestions on how to revoke expenditure and emissions; a Start Stop complement that reduces emissions and expenditure on civic routes; and finally a new limit for tolerable mobility represented by Enjoy, Eni’s Car Sharing use grown jointly with Fiat and Trenitalia.


Increasingly tolerable plants interjection to WCM

In 2014, FCA invested Euro 3.7 billion, 2.3 of that in a dual many modernized and present FCA plants (Pernambuco, Brazil and Melfi, Italy), that will be prolongation a new Jeep Renegade and Fiat 500X.


One of a Group’s priorities is fluctuating a World Class Manufacturing programme via FCA plants opposite a world, that will positively lead to improvements in both environmental insurance and health and safety. The WCM is a really delicately suspicion out prolongation routine that involves a whole organisation, covering all phases of product prolongation and distribution, and represents a discernible focus of a environmental sustainability indication grown by a Group.


Of a 112 industrial sites that have adopted a WCM program, 54 have been postulated opening turn awards: 38 have achieved Bronze award status, 12 Silver and 4 Gold. Furthermore, between 2009 and 2014, 389 plants of FCA retailer companies introduced a WCM methodology: 259 are located in a EMEA area, 95 in LATAM and 42 in NAFTA.


Protection of healthy resources

Over a march of 2014 approximately 48,000 projects were launched that were connected to WCM, many of that were directed during shortening environmental impact and around 3,700 of these have brought about substantial reductions in healthy apparatus consumption. For example, in 2014, a Group saved 3.3 billion m3 of H2O and reduced rubbish by 65 million kilos. It is also value observant that 20.4% of a electricity used by a Group for a prolongation processes worldwide is constructed from renewable sources.


Biodiversity and honour for surrounding areas

Sustainability also involves holding caring to reserve biodiversity in a areas surrounding a plants. A really critical plan that has this really idea in mind is now underway during a Pernambuco plant (Brazil). To guarantee a eco-system and generally a internal flora, FCA will be planting over 130,000 trees over a subsequent few years, that will embody a preference of 250 of a over 600 inland species. So far, we have planted 38,000 trees and a series will gradually boost interjection to a hothouse built nearby a plant. The hothouse will yield approximately 22,000 new trees each 3 months, prepared to be planted by a internal students during organized visits to a plant: this is a hands-on approach of training a younger generations a significance of biodiversity and of a insurance of their healthy heritage. Similar initiatives are being run nearby a plant in Verrone (Italy), during a FCA conduct bureau in a USA (Auburn Hills, Michigan) and during a Indian FIAPL site in Rangajon.


Wellbeing of people and scold diet

FCA considers a health and contentment of a possess workers to be a tip priority in all a companies in all a countries in that it operates. All a amicable actions undertaken in a several areas are partial and parcel of this: in 2014 alone, a Group donated over Euro 24 million to internal communities.


In 2012, a “Health Promotion Programme” was launched, consisting of several projects grown and promoted both locally and centrally, with a aim of improving a earthy and mental contentment of a employees and their families by origination them wakeful of a significance of a healthy diet. The programme is formed on a health and reserve beliefs drawn adult by a categorical general organisations, initial and inaugural a World Health Organisation (WHO), a American Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), a European Agency for Safety and Health during Work (EU-OSHA) and a International Labour Organisation (ILO).


Prestigious tellurian awards

The Group’s joining towards a obliged business government indication has been concurred over a years by many sustainability rating organisations and agencies. Among a many rankings a Group can explain to be a partial of, for a sixth year running, FCA has been reliable not usually in a Dow Jones Sustainability World Index (DJSI), though also as one of a leaders in a Italy 100 Carbon Disclosure Leadership Index (CDLI) and in a Italy 100 Carbon Performance Leadership Index (CPLI). Among a many other acknowledgements perceived by FCA, a special mentions should go to a “Lean Green Management Award 2014”, reserved to a Pomigliano d’Arco plant (Italy); a “AEA Environment Award” that has been postulated to a “Árvore da Vida” module promoted by FCA Brazil and a “Best Employers for Healthy Lifestyles Gold Award” that was awarded to FCA US.


Turin 30 Apr 2015