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Extensive Changes for a 2013 Season

Porsche 911 GT3 R

Stuttgart. The new Porsche 911 GT3 R formed on a 997 indication era heads into a 2013 motorsport deteriorate with endless modifications. With a widened buffer flares front and rear, a successful patron competition racer, fielded in a GT3 classes, looks extremely brawnier than a predecessor. The new aerodynamics generates almost some-more down force, permitting for aloft cornering speeds and after braking points. The wider lane and a blending wheels yield additional alleviation in traction.

Ever given a launch in 2010, patron teams around a universe have left from success to success with a 911 GT3 R. In 2012 alone, Porsche patron teams raced a 500 hp production-based Grand Touring competition automobile in 131 races, won 41 of them and clinched countless championships.

For 2013, Porsche Motorsport significantly mutated a aerodynamics. The front fender panels, all fenders, a sill covers, a back row and underbody with back diffuser perceived serve fine-tuning in a breeze tunnel. The back wing was lengthened to a breadth of a car and repositioned to work optimally with a redesigned body.

The cessation also underwent modifications. The lane of both a front and back spindle grew by 50 millimeters. The breadth of a front rims is now twelve instead of 10.9 inches. The wheelbase of a latest 911 GT3 R grew by 10 millimeters.

Like a predecessor, a rarely fit four-liter, six-cylinder prosaic engine has an outlay of 368 kW (500 hp). The Porsche six-speed consecutive dog-type gearbox with pneumatic change complement is operated around change paddles on a steering wheel. This technical resolution allows really quick and well-spoken rigging changes – an advantage when it comes to high operational reserve and a prolonged use life.

An array of electronic motorist assistance systems adopted from a prototype helps spin quick and protected laps. The E-gas facilities a throttle-blip function. The gearbox wiring make skipping gears and a ensuing over revving of a engine probably impossible. Thanks to a specially-adjusted traction control and a competition ABS, a 911 GT3 R can be really good tranquil underneath braking and acceleration.

With a acclimatisation pack offering by Porsche, patron teams can modify comparison indication years of a 911 GT3 R to a 2013-spec. The pack is accessible from Porsche Motorsport during a cost of 45,500 Euros and country-specific value combined tax.


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Porsche Cars North America, Inc. (PCNA), formed in Atlanta, Ga. is a disdainful U.S. importer of Porsche sports cars, a Cayenne SUV and Panamera sports sedan. Established in 1984, it is a wholly-owned auxiliary of Porsche AG, that is headquartered in Stuttgart, Germany, and employs approximately 220 people who yield parts, service, selling and training for 190 dealers. They, in turn, work to yield Porsche business with a best-in-class knowledge that is in gripping with a brand’s 63-year story and care in a enrichment of car performance, reserve and efficiency.

At a core of this success is Porsche’s unapproachable racing birthright that boasts some 30,000 motorsport wins to date.

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