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Farfus produces marvellous quip to take fourth place in a gift competition for a FIA GT World Cup in Macau – Eriksson finishes ninth in a second BMW M6 GT3.

Macau. BMW Team Schnitzer’s Augusto Farfus (BRA) gave a
flawless arrangement in a gift competition to keep his hopes of
successfully fortifying his pretension during a FIA GT World Cup in Macau
(CHN) alive. After twelve laps of racing, a Brazilian, in a #42
BMW M6 GT3, crossed a finish line in fourth place, carrying started
behind in twelfth. Joel Eriksson (SWE) also tender in his initial GT
competition during a iconic ‘Guia Circuit’. He came home ninth for FIST-Team
AAI in a #91 BMW M6 GT3, notwithstanding pang technical issues during
a race.


The reserve automobile done several appearances on a 6,120-kilometre track
to neutralize a margin after crashes. Farfus had already climbed into
eighth place by a finish of a opening lap. He gained another couple
of positions when Mercedes drivers Maro Engel (GER) and Edoardo
Mortara (ITA) collided and crashed out, and soon upheld Audi racer
Christopher Haase (GER) during a re-start following a second safety
automobile period. The 36-year-old afterwards shielded fourth place by to a finish.


Eriksson, creation his initial coming in a GT competition during a ‘Guia
Circuit’ after 3 starts in a Macau Formula 3 Grand Prix, also
delivered a focussed opening to explain ninth place, notwithstanding his ABS
not operative during a race. That bid means a Swede also has
each possibility of achieving a good outcome in Sunday’s categorical race. Victory
on Saturday went to Mercedes motorist Raffaele Marciello (ITA). The FIA
GT World Cup starts during 12:25 internal time (05:25 CET) on Sunday.


Reactions to a gift competition during a FIA GT World Cup in Macau.


Augusto Farfus (#42 BMW M6 GT3, 4th place):
“You need a small fitness in Macau, though we have to be means to
take advantage of that good fortune. We did that today. Our strategy
was good. After a opening lap, it was all about staying ease and not
holding too many risks. As we got serve into a race, we was means to
make even some-more swell by a field. The lectern is not so far
out of strech now, and we apparently wish to lift today’s movement into
a categorical race. We will pull tough again tomorrow.”


Joel Eriksson (#91 BMW M6 GT3, 9th place):
“That was not an easy competition for me. Right from a start we
had an emanate with a ABS and my wheels kept locking up. As a result,
we had to stop progressing for a corners. Despite that, we were means to
make adult some ground. The gait was indeed good, so it is a contrition that
we wasn’t means to pull as tough as we would have liked.”