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Farfus wins subordinate competition in Macau with a BMW M6 GT3 – WEC grid positions dual and 5 for BMW Team MTEK in Shanghai.

Macau/Shanghai. The BMW teams have enjoyed a successful
Saturday on a large weekend in Asia for BMW M Motorsport. Augusto
Farfus (BRA) took feat for BMW Team Schnitzer in a qualifying
competition for a FIA GT World Cup in Macau (CHN). He crossed a finish
line initial during a circle of a #42 BMW M6 GT3 after twelve laps of
racing. Starting from second on a grid, Farfus took a lead at
a start and hold it to a end. At roughly a same time, BMW MTEK
put in a clever opening in subordinate for a FIA World
Endurance Championship (WEC) competition in Shanghai (CHN). The dual BMW M8
GTE competent second and fifth in a LM GTE Pro class.


Farfus constructed a flawless expostulate during a perfectionist Guia Circuit on the
streets of Macau. He squandered no time in holding a lead during a start of
a race. After a reserve automobile duration following a crash, a 35-year-old
did a good pursuit of fortifying his lead and, after subordinate second
final year, took feat in Saturday’s FIA GT World Cup race.


Meanwhile, during a Shanghai International Circuit, Nick Catsburg (NED)
set a second fastest subordinate group of 1:58.874 mins in a #81
BMW M8 GTE. The Dutchman missed out on stick position by only 0.247
seconds. He will share a pushing duties with Martin Tomczyk (GER) in
Sunday’s race. The #82 automobile – with Tom Blomqvist (GBR) and António
Félix da Costa (POR) during a circle – will start from fifth place.


Reactions on a BMW M Motorsport Asian Weekend (Saturday).


Jens Marquardt, BMW Motorsport Director:
“Congratulations to Augusto Farfus, Charly Lamm and BMW Team Schnitzer
Motorsport for a win in a gift competition in Macau. It’s a
good start to a weekend. Augusto took a lead true after the
start and never gave it away. It shows what we can do if we know the
lane like he does and we arrive with a ideally prepared automobile by
Schnitzer. Fingers crossed for a group in tomorrow’s categorical race.
Meanwhile, second and fifth place is not a bad position to be starting
from in a 6 Hours of Shanghai. As it will be raining tomorrow, it
will be a formidable race, though we’ve seen currently that a speed of the
drivers is there and we have a really good package. Even with a rain
forecast, we have a certain feeling for Sunday.”


Augusto Farfus (BMW M6 GT3, automobile series 42): “The GT
competition here in Macau is always really special. It is intensely close, the
margin is tip quality. That creates this win all a sweeter. We did not
know accurately what to design from a race. However, we had prepared
really well. we was really dynamic during a start and was means to take the
lead. we also gave it all when a reserve automobile came in. The BMW
M6 GT3 was fantastic. Today is not utterly as critical as tomorrow, but
it is still overwhelming to start from stick position on Sunday and to
applaud feat today. we am quite gratified for Charly Lamm. It
is an honour to expostulate for him and BMW Team Schnitzer. It is an even
bigger honour to be means to call Charly a genuine crony and a mentor.”


Charly Lamm, group principal BMW Team Schnitzer: “I
can frequency find a difference to report all that. Macau is only a
special place for us. We saw that again today. Augusto’s performance
was sensational. His subordinate arrangement was impressive, afterwards he made
a ideal start currently and was means to open a lead. That might only
have been a subordinate race, though this win still feels really good. We
now wish that we can lift this movement into tomorrow. I’d like to
contend a large appreciate we to Augusto, a whole group and BMW.”


Nick Catsburg (BMW M8 GTE, automobile series  81): “In
subordinate a automobile worked really good for me. we only kept it together
and I’m happy with my lap. To put it on a front quarrel in a WEC you
have to have a really able car, and Martin and we have that here in
a BMW M8 GTE. It’s a prolonged competition tomorrow though we’re looking brazen to
fighting for a lectern from start.”