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FCA Transforms Our Sustainability Commitments Into Tangible Results

April 13, 2018

, London

In 2017, FCA continued to renovate a sustainability commitments into petrify actions that aim to emanate long-term value responsibly. We commend that a environmental and amicable activities impact not usually a end to grow a business though also a integrity to definitely impact a world.

The 2017 FCA Sustainability Report, expelled currently during a Annual General Meeting of Shareholders, communicates to stakeholders a many applicable social, mercantile and environmental achievements and long-term targets addressed by a Group.

In 2017, we shipped 4.7 million vehicles to business around a world, while stability to revoke a environmental footprint of a operations. Over a past 7 years, we decreased CO2 emissions by 33%, H2O used by 37% and rubbish generated by 58% per automobile constructed in a mass marketplace public and stamping plants. We intent a workforce in a activities, and in 2017 collected some-more than 2.8 million suggestions from employees on intensity improvements to products and processes. Work-related injuries during plants worldwide decreased for a 11th uninterrupted year.

We continued a efforts to rise vehicles responsibly by loyalty to fit powertrains, softened aerodynamics, weight reduction, reserve and quality. Our actions to urge automobile fuel potency and revoke automobile CO2 emissions enclosed a launch of a eTorque Assist amiable hybrid record on a all-new Jeep Wrangler.

FCA strengthened a partnership with Waymo, Google’s self-driving automobile company, to confederate self-driving record into Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid minivans and support a launch of a world’s initial driverless ride-hailing service. We are exploring other ways by that we can yield unconstrained automobile services to a customers.

FCA upheld a communities where we live and work by committing some-more than €25 million around a universe in 2017. Our employees volunteered some-more than 240,000 hours to nonprofit activities during work time.

FCA is unwavering of a outcome that a activities and products have on multitude and a environment, and of a purpose in building solutions to revoke a environmental footprint. Our tellurian activities support a transition toward a round economy and minister to achieving a aims of a United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Discover some-more about FCA’s sustainability tour by examination a 2017 Sustainability Highlights video or reading a 2017 Sustainability Report in a new dedicated territory of

Forward-Looking Statements
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