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FCA US Celebrates 35 Years of Innovation with Extensive List of Minivan Firsts

February 4, 2019

, Auburn Hills, Mich.

As a initial association to deliver a minivan and by 6 generations of a vehicle, FCA US has innovated 115 minivan-firsts  – 37 of those innovations entrance from a Chrysler Pacifica and Pacifica Hybrid.

  1. First minivan to offer front-wheel expostulate (1984)
  2. First minivan to offer preference of engines, V-6 or four-cylinder (1987)
  3. First to offer long-wheelbase minivans (1987)
  4. First to offer oppulance minivan with introduction of Town Country (1990)
  5. First minivan to offer customary driver-side atmosphere bag (1991)
  6. First minivan with core high-mounted stop light (1991)
  7. First minivan with child reserve thatch on shifting doorway (1991)
  8. First minivan to offer 4 circle anti-lock brakes (1991)
  9. First minivan to offer Quad authority seating (1991)
  10. First minivan to offer all-wheel-drive on front-wheel expostulate height (1991)
  11. First minivan to offer integrated child chair (1992)
  12. First minivan to offer customary passenger-side atmosphere bag (1994)
  13. First minivan with energetic side-impact insurance (1994)
  14. First minivan to accommodate California 1997 Ultra Low Emission Vehicle (ULEV) acceptance (1994)
  15. First minivan to accommodate Inherently Low Emission Vehicle (ILEV) acceptance (1995)
  16. First to deliver electric minivan, EPIC – Electric Powered Interurban Commuter (1995)
  17. First minivan with seamless passenger-side atmosphere bag doorway (1996)
  18. First minivan to offer Dual Zone Temperature Control (1996)
  19. First minivan in U.S. marketplace to offer driver-side shifting doorway (fourth door) (1996)
  20. First minivan to offer windshield wiper de-icer (1996)
  21. First minivan to offer 16-inch wheels and tires for extended opening (1996)
  22. First minivan to offer energy memory chair and mirrors (1996)
  23. First minivan to offer Easy-Out Roller Seats (1996)
  24. First minivan to offer tractable crater holders (1996)
  25. First minivan with cab-forward pattern (1996)
  26. First minivan to offer tractable recumbent behind child chair with molded chair pillow (1996)
  27. First minivan with removable windshield wiper procedure (1996)
  28. First minivan with mid-cabin tip turn comfort control (1996)
  29. First minivan with dual-action behind drum brakes (1996)
  30. First minivan able of transporting 4 x 8-inch element on tip of folded seatbacks or with chair private and liftgate sealed (long wheelbase, 1996)
  31. First minivan with behind seatback-mounted grocery bag hooks (1998)
  32. First minivan to offer Flexible Fuel Vehicle availability, ethanol/gasoline (1998)
  33. First minivan to offer 17-inch wheels and tires for extended opening (1999)
  34. First minivan to offer Auto Stick transaxle (1999)
  35. First minivan to offer wireless headphones for in-vehicle party complement (2000)
  36. First minivan to offer 6.4-inch LCD shade for in-vehicle party complement (2000)
  37. First minivan to offer power-up and power-down liftgate (2001)
  38. First minivan to offer removable, powered core console (2001)
  39. First minivan with energy twin shifting doors, permitting for minivan-first primer override, powered by an industry-first inside-the-door engine (2001)
  40. First minivan to offer energy shifting doorway barrier showing complement when opening and shutting (2001)
  41. First minivan to offer engines with energy over 210 horsepower (2001)
  42. First minivan to offer pop-up behind load organizer (2001)
  43. First minivan with three-zone heat control complement (2001)
  44. First minivan with behind separate 50/50 Easy-Out Roller Seats (2001)
  45. First minivan with Stow ‘n Go seating and storage complement (2004)
  46. First minivan with Super High Density (SHD) Foam Cushion Seating (2004)
  47. First minivan with split-bench third-row recumbent tailgate seating (2004)
  48. First minivan with third-row easy entrance complement – with a lift of a singular strap, a second-row chair tumbles out of a approach (2004)
  49. First minivan with a driver-side inflatable knee blocker (2004)
  50. First minivan with Door Alert (2004)
  51. First minivan with Overhead rail complement with movable/removable storage bins (2004)
  52. First minivan with Swivel ‘n Go seating complement (2nd quarrel seats pivot 180 degrees rearward) (2007)
  53. First to offer removable, two-part shifting front console (2007)
  54. First minivan with an powerful hilt (2007)
  55. First to offer a twin DVD complement that can play opposite media during a same time (2007)
  56. First minivan with a six-speed delivery (2007)
  57. First minivan with twin A/V jacks, 115-volt inverter and 12-volt energy opening in C-pillar (2007)
  58. First to offer an ambient halo light package with moveable LED pinpoint lighting (2007)
  59. First minivan to offer ParkView behind backup camera (2007)
  60. First minivan with a removable, rechargeable LED flashlight (2007)
  61. First minivan with first- and second-row exhilarated seats in cloth or leather (2007)
  62. First minivan to offer YES Essentials stain-resistant, odor-resistant, anti-static cloth seats (2007)
  63. First minivan to offer SIRIUS Backseat TV with network programming (2008)
  64. First minivan to offer Blind-spot Monitoring System (2009)
  65. First minivan to offer Rear Cross Path showing System (2009)
  66. First to offer SmartBeam headlamps (2009)
  67. First minivan with a 180-degree rotating third-row DVD guard (2009)
  68. First minivan to offer iPod control by a radio conduct section (2009)
  69. First minivan with stop complement with Hydraulic-boost Compensation (HBC) (2009)
  70. First minivan to have accessible FloTV with 20 channels of network programming (2010)
  71. First minivan with a exhilarated steering circle (2011)
  72. First minivan to offer a Stow ‘n Place roof shelve complement (2011)
  73. First minivan with SIRIUS with Travel Link (2011)
  74. First minivan with an integrated “super” console for initial and second quarrel passengers (2011)
  75. First minivan to embody a selectable fuel economizer mode (2011)
  76. First minivan Blu-ray behind party complement (2013)
  77. First minivan with dual USB ports (2013)
  78. First minivan with customary trailer-sway control (2013)
  79. First minivan with capless fuel fill (2017)
  80. First minivan featuring instrument quarrel drawer with storage for iPad (2017)
  81. First minivan featuring core building consoles with 4 crater holders in any cost category (2017)
  82. First minivan with USB ports in behind of front chair (2017)
  83. First minivan with second-row Stow ‘n Go seats with Easy Tilt with child chair commissioned (2017)
  84. First minivan with auto-dump third-row headrests (2017)
  85. First minivan with all LED interior lighting for all cost classes (2017)
  86. First minivan with handsfree energy shifting doors (2017)
  87. First minivan with handsfree foot-activated energy liftgate (2017)
  88. First minivan with magnesium/aluminum liftgate (2017)
  89. First minivan with aluminum shifting doors (2017)
  90. First minivan with Stow ‘n Go Assist (2017)
  91. First minivan with ability to work behind meridian around touchscreens (2017)
  92. First minivan with video USB pier (2017)
  93. First minivan featuring Bluetooth remote with touchpad (2017)
  94. First minivan with 7-inch thin-film transistor (TFT) cluster arrangement shade (2017)
  95. First minivan to offer discretionary 20-inch wheels and tires (2017)
  96. First minivan to use an Electric Park Brake (2017)
  97. First minivan with a nine-speed delivery (2017)
  98. First minivan with KeySense programmable pivotal fob (2017)
  99. First minivan with Parallel/Perpendicular Park Assist complement (2017)
  100. First minivan with Forward Collision Warning complement with slackening (2017)
  101. First minivan with Lane Departure Warning complement with slackening (2017)
  102. First minivan with Rear Park Assist complement with stop (2017)
  103. First minivan with rotary e-shift doorknob (2017)
  104. First minivan to use a draw-type ventilated chair complement (2017)
  105. First minivan with protected reason record (2017)
  106. First minivan accessible as a plug-in hybrid electric car (2017)
  107. First minivan with Active Noise Cancellation in all cost classes (2017)
  108. First minivan with active grille shutters (2017)
  109. First minivan featuring 10-inch touchscreens in second quarrel (2017)
  110. First minivan with in-vehicle wireless device connectivity (2017)
  111. First minivan featuring Harman Kardon reward sound speakers (2017)
  112. First minivan featuring “Are We There Yet?” navigation app (2017)
  113. First minivan with in-vehicle embedded games (2017)
  114. First minivan featuring capacitive touchscreens (2017)
  115. First minivan with dual-pane sunroof with third-row bound potion (2017)

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